Re: Gerald Armstrong Sentenced
[25 June 1997]

Within a day or so of my receipt of Grady's subpoena, I received
a letter from Scientology attorney Andrew Wilson threatening me if
I produced any documents pursuant to Grady's subpoena.

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerald Armstrong Sentenced
Date: 25 Jun 1997
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On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 17:08:42 GMT, (Jim Byrd)

>On 24 Jun 1997 02:41:10 GMT, "Ford Greene" wrote:
>>6. Subsequently in late 1996 or 1997 Gerry sent a declaration on Grady
>>Ward's behalf directly to the judge in Ward's case. Gerry was not
>>subpoened (the injunction does not prohibit him from responding to a
>>subpena, or voluntarily talking to government official investigating
>>criminal activity)
>I thought Grady had posted a gif of a subpoena to Gerry Armstrong. Do
>I remember incorrectly?

Grady *did* subpoena me, and it was completely legal for me to produce
to him (and the other parties) the documents I did produce. Within a
day or so of my receipt of Grady's subpoena, I received a letter from
Scientology attorney Andrew Wilson threatening me if I produced any
documents pursuant to Grady's subpoena.

Wilson stated: "These [alleged] defects [in Grady's subpoena] , and
other substantive [unspecified] reasons are the basis for a motion for
protective order in *RTC v. Ward*. I insist that you refrain from
premature disclosure of documents before this motion can be heard. I
believe that the [subject December 1986] Agreement requires no

The injunction issued by Judge Gary W. Thomas in my case (Marin
Superior Court No. 157680) permits me to voluntarily assist
governmental organs or entities regarding Scientology. Therefore it
was completely legal for me to advise Judge Whyte, who is a
governmental organ, of the threat by Scientology, which is unequivocal
obstruction of justice.

The "settlement agreement" did not allow me to communicate to
governmental agencies, but the injunction does. I was at least
successful in achieving that permission in the litigation.

Scientology (er, RTC) never did bring its motion for protective order
in the *Ward* case, and by not bringing it could have delayed Grady's
ever receiving from the documents he had subpoened.

Scientology lawyer Lawrence Heller threatened me a number of times in
1989 when I was subpoened for a deposition in the Bent Corydon v.
Scientology litigation that if I testified about Hubbard's lies and so
forth, even though subpoenaed, the organization would sue me. Those
threats were what finally brought me back into the thereafter day to
day conflict with the cult.

Judge Thomas was wrong in signing Scientology's order of contempt of
court, but he has signed just about anything the cult asks him to, so
I did not expect different treatment. There will come a time not far
from now when the organization will acknowledge all the injustices it
has perpetrated and Scientologists will ask to be allowed to correct
the wrongs their group has done.

I did not really leave the US because of fear of being jailed at Judge
Thomas's hands. During the brief time I had an internet account in
the US I stumbled (thank God for the net) onto the reason I am at
great risk; or rather why David Miscavige and his co-conspirators
think they are at such great risk they must silence me at any cost. I
will detail this in a subsequent post.

I have just received Judge Thomas's contempt order, and will attempt
to resolve it from here in Canada. If I can't then there will come a
time when I will return and resolve it in the US. I will let everyone
know so an exciting event can be had by all. Perhaps Xenu will show
in his Floofmobile.

I was happy to see Ford Greene's post about the sentencing and the
Armstrong litigation, because by speaking up, and discussing, as my
attorney, the undiscussable, he is telling the cult to take a hike; as
everyone should. I was happy to see some kind words from him too, as
we share a great and honorable battle for over four years together.
The Thomas injunction caused so much strain between us that my
departure from his office was not a happy time, but those things
happen. And Ford remains one of the very very few attorneys willing
to fight that battle against that most dishonorable and dangerous fair
game machine.

Now let's click on send and see if this thing works.


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