Is there not a cause?
[26 June 1997]

This post contains the following six documents and a few additional comments at the end:

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Is there not a cause?
Date: 26 Jun 1997
Organization: Rapidnet Technologies Internet
This post contains the following six documents and a few additional
comments at the end:

1.  Letter 2/12/97, George Abbott, Esq. to Cathy Norman, cc Ford
Greene, Esq., CSI, RTC, David Miscavige;

2.  Letter 2/25/97, Andrew Wilson, Esq. to Abbott;

3.  Letter 3/6/97, Gerry Armstrong to Miscavige;

4.  Letter 3/25/97, Abbott to Miscavige;

5.  Letter 5/5/97, Abbott to Miscavige;

6.  Letter 5/8/97, Wilson to Abbott.


George W. Abbott, Chartered
Law Offices
2245-B Meridian Boulevard (at Airport Road)
P.O. Box 98
Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

February 12 and 14, 1997

Ms. Cathy Norman                   
Church of Scientology of Texas          
Austin, TX 78705                   

By Fax at 512/474-2986
Hard copy to follow:
Certified Mail RRR

Re:  Norman/Branch letter dated October 21, 1996 and 
     a dead agent document ("da doc") of May 10, 1993

Dear Ms. Norman:

     This letter is written on behalf of my friend and neighbor,
Gerald Armstrong.  The professional advice given to him by me, as
reflected hereinafter, represents my best judgments and resulting
conclusions on the facts made known and perceived by me.

     The judgments and conclusions reached were formed after
reasonable inquiry that the allegations made are grounded in fact
and warranted by existing law or a good faith argument for the
extension, modification, or reversal of law existing in one or
more jurisdictions.

     On the same bases, and further consistency with Fed.R.Civ.
P. Rule 11 please be advised that, to the best of my knowledge,
information and belief the actions demanded of you and your
associates are imposed for entirely proper purposes.

     You have caused to be transmitted to Craig Branch of the
Watchman Fellowship a letter dated October 21, 1996 and a "dead
agent document" (herein, sometimes "da doc") dated 10-May-1993,
both of which concern Gerald Armstrong and recently received by
him.  Your letter states that you earlier provided that same da
doc to James Walker, also of the Watchman Fellowship.

     I am copying the Church of Scientology International, the
Religious Technology Center and Scientology's leader David
Miscavige because the da doc originated with them.  These
materials individually and together defame Mr. Armstrong.  They
contain distortions and lies, and were created and distributed
with malice.  Separately and collectively, they constitute libel
per se.

     I represent Mr. Armstrong in his effort to correct the wrong
done by you, your associates, and your seniors with and through
your letter and the subject "dead agent document."

     As you and your seniors know, Mr. Armstrong is an expert in
the subject of fair game and in the fraudulent representations
and history of Scientology.  As you know, his testimony has been
used in many lawsuits involving people who have been defrauded or
"fair gamed" by your organization.  Your letter and the da doc
are intended to have the effect of  destroying Mr. Armstrong's
credibility and character and his ability to testify on behalf of
fraud and fair game victims.

     Another intended effect of these defamatory materials
outside of the legal arena is to cause Mr. Armstrong to be
rejected by people.  As you know, Watchman Fellowship is a
Christian research and apologetics organization, and Mr.
Armstrong is a fellow believer.  Your da doc was also used within
the Scientology organization to cause Mr. Armstrong to be wrongly
reviled and attacked by Scientologists.

     Mr. Armstrong is distressed by this latest incident in your
organization's black propaganda campaign.  He believes that as
long as Scientology continues to fabricate and tell lies about
him he is in danger.  He wants all of Scientology's fair game
activities to end so that he can obtain the peace he and others
are due.

     The subject da doc was not included in the set of dead agent
packs on Mr. Armstrong produced by Scientology in discovery in
its litigations against him.  For this reason I am copying Mr.
Armstrong's former attorney Ford Greene so that he may take
whatever action, if any, he may deem appropriate concerning
Scientology's withholding of this document.

     Demand is hereby made that every document of any kind under
the control of any individual staff member or agent of any
Scientology corporation or other entity, including all electronic
records, pertaining in any way to Mr. Armstrong, be segregated,
made safe and not destroyed or altered, nor removed from their
present premises.

     I have advised Mr. Armstrong that he is free to communicate
orally, in writing or by any other legal medium available to him
to fully correct the lies and distortions in your letter and dead
agent document.  I have advised him that he is free to
communicate to anyone he believes may have been or may be exposed
to this black PR, and that he is free to explain why Scientology
and its leaders have created and distributed these documents.

     I have further advised Mr. Armstrong that Scientology cannot
legally prevent him from correcting this libel with threatened
enforcement of  your organization's "settlement agreement" of 
December, 1986.  Each moment you and your seniors prevent him
from telling the truth to whomever he chooses in rejection of 
your documents' attack on his character you are increasing his

     I demand, on his behalf, that you and your seniors
immediately publish a full retraction of each and every lie and
distortion in these documents.  I further demand that you and
your seniors provide me with a complete list of each and every
person, agency, organization or other entity inside or outside of 
Scientology to whom this da document was at any time given or
shown.  Since this document was apparently created in 1993, it
was not created for the purpose of sending to Mr. Branch and Mr.
Walker in 1996, but for a far wider distribution.

     Finally this is a demand for $900,003.00 to compensate Mr.
Armstrong for the damage you and your organization have done --
up to the date of this demand -- by the writing and dissemination
of your letter and this da doc to the Watchman Fellowship.

     If an understanding cannot be reached, and correction of
this situation cannot be achieved, Mr. Armstrong is prepared to
file a lawsuit for, inter alia, defamation, intentional
infliction of emotional distress, and civil rights violations
against you and all other persons, organizations or entities who
participated in the writing and dissemination.  He is prepared,
also, to file a parallel and complementary action pursuant to the
Racketeering and Corrupt Influence Act.

     I trust you and your seniors will do the right thing.

Very truly yours,

George W. Abbott

cc: Ford Greene, Esquire
cc: Church of Scientology International
cc: Religious Technology Center
cc: David Miscavige



Wilson Campilongo LLP
115 Sansome Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, California 94104
Telecopy (415)954-0938

February 25, 1997

George Abbott, Esq.
2245-B Meridian Blvd.
P.O. Box 98
Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

Re:  Church of Scientology v. Armstrong
     Our File No. SC102-003

Dear Mr. Abbott:

     This firm represents the Church of Scientology International
("CSI") in the referenced matter and has been asked to respond to
your letter dated, curiously, "February 12th and 14th, 1997."

     Although you say that you conducted a "reasonable inquiry"
that the allegations you made are grounded in fact, it is quite
apparent that your are ignorant of the lengthy history of the
dispute between my client and Mr. Armstrong.  Although you allude
to it, you are unaware or have ignored the import and effect of
the settlement agreement (the "Agreement") which they entered
into on December 8, 1986.  As you should know from your
reasonable investigation, Mr. Armstrong raised every conceivable
challenge to the Agreement in the referenced action, including
the argument that the Agreement could not prohibit him from
responding to allegations made by CSI concerning him.

     All of Mr. Armstrong's arguments were rejected each time he
made them.  Armstrong was first enjoined from violation of the
Agreement by the Hon. Michael Dufficy in March, 1992 by way of
temporary restraining order.  The Hon. Ronald Sohigian in May,
1992, entered a preliminary injunction to similar effect.  Judge
Sohigian's order was appealed by Armstrong and affirmed in an
opinion which dismissed Armstrong's arguments out of hand.  In
January of 1996, a Judgment of Permanent injunction (the
"Injunction") was entered against Armstrong in Marin County
Superior Court following an order entered by the Hon. Gary Thomas
summarily adjudicating various causes of action, including one
for injunctive relief .  It would behoove you to review these
orders, and the papers in support and in opposition to the
motions which resulted in those orders before advising Mr.
Armstrong that "...he is free to communicate orally, in writing
or by any other legal means available to him to fully correct..."
alleged lies and distortions.  The fact is that Mr. Armstrong is
not free to do that.  Mr. Armstrong's sole remedy is to seek
appropriate relief for alleged defamatory statements.

     The problem, of course, with that approach is that Mr.
Armstrong will never be able to prove defamation.  I have
reviewed the documents which you allege are defamatory and am
unable to find any statement concerning Mr. Armstrong, much less
one which is defamatory.  Please enlighten me as to which
statements you contend are defamatory, and why you make that
contention.  Please also inform me exactly how Mr. Armstrong
became aware of the alleged defamatory communication and what
persons Mr. Armstrong believes he needs to communicate with in
order to correct these alleged defamatory statements.

     Your letter refers to Mr. Armstrong as your "friend and
neighbor."  It is my understanding that Mr. Armstrong currently
resides in San Anselmo, California.  In fact, I gave Mr.
Armstrong notice on Friday, February 14 by telephone to his
residence in San Anselmo (Telephone No. 456-8450) of an ex parte
application for the issuance of an order to show cause re
contempt.  The telephone was answered by an answering machine
which played a recording of the voice of Lorien Phippany which
stated "Please leave a message for either Jerry or Lorien."  As I
was drafting this letter, I again called that number and heard
exactly the same message.  If Mr. Armstrong is currently residing
in Minden, Nevada or its environs, I would appreciate your
letting me know.

     For your information, the ex parte application was
successful.  I enclose the application, supporting papers, and
the order to show cause which Judge Thomas issued.  You should
find it interesting reading.  I believe that my client has shown
remarkable restraint in its dealing with Mr. Armstrong in
enforcing the Judgment.  It is apparent that Mr. Armstrong has a
pathological inability to remain disconnected from CSI.  This
inability manifests itself in various provocations, such as the
letter to the Los Angeles City Council which you must have
discovered in the course of your reasonable investigation.  CSI
has "turned the other cheek" when it could, given the
pathetically ineffectual nature of most of these provocations. 
However, it could not sit idly by in the face of Mr. Armstrong's
direct communication with a sitting United States District Judge.

     It is apparent to me that you and Mr. Armstrong are
colluding to create a defense to a charge of contempt against Mr.
Armstrong, as evidenced by your statement that you have advised
Mr. Armstrong that he is free to communicate with anyone to
correct lies which have been told about him.  Before you provide
Mr. Armstrong with such a purported "advice of counsel" defense,
you should carefully consider whether you have a reasonable basis
for such advice, whether you are subjecting yourself to liability
for your uninformed advice or, even worse, for your collusion
with Armstrong to avoid the Court's directive, and whether you
are ultimately willing to be yet another victim of Mr.
Armstrong's pathology.

Very truly yours,

Andrew H. Wilson



March 6, 1997

David Miscavige

Dear David:    

     Not many days ago I was led to somebody's web page which
contained a portion of  Scientology's IRS form 1023 submitted in
1992.  Because of what I found, and other threats from your
organization, I left the US.  
        This 1023 submission made clear to me finally why you
have attacked me so violently since the 1986 "settlement," and
indeed why you contrived the "settlement" to take the form it
did, even though I continued through the years to try to achieve
a sane and lasting peace.  You believe that your billions and
billions depend on my destruction.

        Your submission contains the same lies about me, the same
attacks in all the black PR/DA packs and court filings that you
have had your organization manufacture since the "settlement." 
Happily, as I'm sure you've noticed I've said before, since you
are personally responsible you can do what is necessary to
correct it all.
        With this letter I am offering you another opportunity to
right the wrongs done, to correct the record without further
conflict.  If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity
please immediately communicate your willingness to meet with me
by advising my attorney who will forward this letter to you.
        Your refusal to participate in such a correction of the
record by meeting with me will signal to me your choice to
continue your unjustified attack on me and others. In that event
I will, for everyone's sake, correct the record in a number of
ways and on a number of channels. 
        1.     I will communicate the truth behind the falsehoods
in your 1023 submission, both to the IRS and to other US
government agencies responsible.
        2.     I will do what is necessary to bring about a
Congressional awareness of the false submission, and what I know
about your related activities, including, but not limited to,
your attacks on and compromise of my attorney Michael Flynn.
        3.     I will communicate what I know about the
falsehoods underlying your organization's US tax exemption and
your related activities to any foreign government in countries
where you have used the US tax exemption to forward or defend
your activities.
        4.     I will investigate the truth or falsity of every
charge you have made against every other person or entity in your
submission(s) to the IRS; e.g., Michael Flynn, Laurel Sullivan,
Lawrence Wollersheim, Charlie O'Reilly, Gene Allard, Roxanne
Friend, Toby Plevin, FAMCO, CAN.
        5.     I will do whatever I can to bring the US to
reverse its improper decision granting your organization tax
        6.     I will seek a Congressional investigation of the
IRS's dereliction of duty in its failure to investigate your
false responses to its queries, and its granting of tax 
exemption, when it had plenty of knowledge of your organization's
history of lying and obstruction of justice.  I will also seek an
answer to why this Great Nation surrendered in the legal and
extra legal war you waged with it, and thus abandoned the
individual victims it should have defended.
        7.     I will communicate all these matters to the media
so that further investigation can be initiated.
        8.     I will write and speak publicly and openly on
these matters to anyone who cares to hear.  I will publish my
story and thoughts.
        9.     I will make this letter public, and on its basis
and on the facts known to me I will solicit the funds to
prosecute the necessary litigation to correct your wrongs.
        10.    I will take appropriate legal action against you
and the various organization components and persons responsible
pursuant to RICO and civil rights statutes.  The precedent acts
begin with your first post "settlement" threat, and run through
every threat, every lie, every effort to have me jailed or
otherwise punished or harmed, every obstruction of justice, and
every use of the law to harass.
        Please do not continue to make the error of believing
your own attacks and lies.  All your black PR has not damaged my
character, although it has damaged the character of its
originators.  You state in your 1023 submission that your
"evidence proved conclusively" [my] "state of mind"..."to be one
sordid sado-masochistic nightmare."  You know this charge, which,
I know you can imagine, tears at my heart, is untrue.  You must
know as well that this sort of base calumny has no place in your
organization's statements to anyone, and certainly not to the IRS
or a government.
        I believe you have an easy decision.  With my help it is
entirely possible your organization can retain its tax exempt
status, resolve its legal problems, and achieve a sane and
lasting peace.  If you insist on continuing your attack on me and
others, you and your organization will face terrible and perhaps
insurmountable difficulties.
        I am writing directly to you so that it rests upon you to
advise all of Scientology of the position in which you have
placed it.  All Scientologists will in any case soon learn either
that you put them at risk with dishonesty or that you have acted
wisely to reduce the needless threat to their survival and
        I have stated in many communications which you have
received through these years that I have other things I wish to
do in my life, things, very dear, and untearing, to my heart,
different from defending myself and others from Scientology.  I
have no interest, no matter what you think, in bringing you or
anyone else to your knees.  God does that.   
        Nevertheless, I cannot ignore the truth that I have been
given a role, by your unceasing attacks on me if not by His
Guidance, in the resolution of the Scientology conflict.  Nor can
I ignore the truth that your threats and attacks make my doing
those things dear to my heart impossible until the conflict is
        I pray that you will see that by my writing you I am
still hopeful that you will choose to avoid what will be, no
matter what you henceforth do to try to harm me, certain
calamity.  I pray that you will immediately communicate your
willingness to meet with me and my attorney.  You may bring with
you whatever attorney or attorneys you desire.  My attorney will
decide on the venue in a discussion with your designated
        I pray to God that we all do the right thing.

Yours urgently,

Gerry Armstrong



George W. Abbott, Chartered
Law Offices
2245-B Meridian Boulevard (at Airport Road)
P.O. Box 98
Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

March 25, 1997

Certified - RRR

Mr. David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Re:  Transmission of Armstrong - Miscavige letter

Dear Mr. Miscavige:

     A little more than a fortnight ago my friend and neighbor
Gerry Armstrong sent to me a letter dated March 6, 1997 and
addressed it to you, with a request that I forward it to you with
or without adding my own comments, as I should so choose, and as
an attorney working in his interests.

     In the meantime, much of my available time has been devoted
to determining whether I should, at this time, make any personal
observations prompted by my reading and rereading -- against
related, researched facts and conclusions independently reached
by me -- of the subject Armstrong-Miscavige communication.

     My decision is uncomplex.  I shall refrain at this time from
adding any of my own observations, but two:  I trust that you
will perceive Gerry's letter to be of signal, even watershed
importance and that you will proceed to act accordingly.  And, it
is most devoutly hoped that, from your most high position, you
and your key associates will react and respond responsibly and
constructively to the end, in Gerry's words and with his help,
that those within and without the protracted Scientology-
Armstrong history of events will "achieve a sane and lasting

     In the fourth full paragraph of Mr. Armstrong's March 6,
1997 letter we find these words:  "If you wish to take advantage
of this opportunity please immediately communicate your
willingness to meet with me by advising my attorney who will
forward this letter to you."  I, of course, am that attorney.

     On the foregoing but with a slight modification
(*underlined*) "If you wish to take advantage of this
opportunity, *or if you do not*, please immediately communicate
your willingness *or unwillingness* to meet with me by advising
my attorney who will forward this letter to you."

     I shall construe "immediately" to embrace seven (7) calendar
days from the date of receipt in your office of this (Abbott)
letter with its enclosed (Armstrong) letter, as evidenced by an
executed return receipt.

     I look forward to a timely and meaningful response.

Yours constructively and professionally,

George W. Abbott


cc: Gerald Armstrong



George W. Abbott, Chartered
Law Offices
2245-B Meridian Boulevard (at Airport Road)
P.O. Box 98
Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

May 5, 1997

Mr. David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Dear Mr. Miscavige:

     Mr. Gerald Armstrong has asked that I pass on to you by FAX
the documents sent to you originally by certified mail on March
25, 1997, but returned unclaimed, viz, [1] Abbott - Miscavige,
letter (2 pps.) dated March 25, 1997; and [2] Armstrong -
Miscavige letter (3 pps.) dated March 6, 1997.

     It is the request of Mr. Armstrong that you be asked to
respond to his letter by Facsimile to this office on or before
close of business, Friday, May 9, PDT.  Otherwise it is Gerry's
intention to commence the ten-point program outlined in his
letter of March 6.

Very truly yours,
George W. Abbott



Wilson Campilongo LLP
115 Sansome Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, California 94104
Telecopy (415)954-0938

May 8, 1997

George Abbott, Esq.
2245-B Meridian Blvd.
P.O. Box 98
Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

Re:  Gerry Armstrong
     Our File No. SC102-003

Dear Mr. Abbott:

     I write in reply to your letter of May 5, 1997 which, as was
your last letter, referred to me for reply.  As I am sure you are
aware, I have represented the Church of Scientology ("CSI") since
early 1992 in its efforts to enforce the Settlement Agreement of
December 6, 1986.

     My representation naturally includes dealing with the
various threats and demands which your client and friend has made
in the past five years.  His letter of March 6, 1997, is not the
first letter of this type that we have received.  I trust that
you have familiarized yourself with that prior correspondence, so
I will not waste time here by discussing it in detail,  It
suffices to note that all of this correspondence follows an all
too familiar pattern - a regurgitation of Mr. Armstrong's view of
the Settlement Agreement, its alleged unenforceability, CSI's
alleged persecution of Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Armstrong's professed
desire to make peace with CSI, threats to expose certain
unspecified facts which Armstrong hints would damage CSI,
allusions to Mr. Armstrong's ability to benefit CSI ("With my
help, it is entirely possible your organization can retain its
tax exempt status..."), underlying all of which is the odor of
attempted blackmail.

     Mr. Armstrong professes interest in "a sane and lasting
peace."  That is just what CSI bargained and paid for in the 1986
Settlement and is just what its efforts to enforce that agreement
have been aimed at.  Since my involvement began in early 1992, I
have been witness to a multitude of actions on the part of Mr.
Armstrong which were clear attempts to provoke action by CSI. 
Despite these clear provocations, CSI has acted with remarkable
restrain, and has only sought relief for the most egregious of
Mr. Armstrong's actions.

     A meeting between Messrs. Miscavige and Armstrong would
serve no purpose.  Mr.  Miscavige has no involvement with Mr.
Armstrong and has not even seen him since 1981.  This matter is
between Armstrong and CSI.  We seek nothing more than the peace
we have already bargained for.  If Mr. Armstrong would simply
obey the Court's permanent injunction, there would be peace. 
Armstrong, on the other hand, while he professes only a desire
for peace, actually wants to ignore his obligations under the
Settlement Agreement and the Court's injunctive order.  If he
wants peace, he can abide by that agreement, and there is no need
for any meeting.  If he wants something other than that, CSI is
unwilling to negotiate.  However, in the interests of courtesy, I
will be happy to meet with either you or Mr. Armstrong, or both
of you, on CSI's behalf and to discuss whatever is appropriate.

Very truly yours,

Andrew H. Wilson


Additional comments:

1.  The letter of 10/21/96 to Craig Branch of the Watchman
Fellowship and the 5/10/93 black PR doc are included in the
documents I provided Grady Ward pursuant to subpoena. Perhaps
Grady, Keith, Dennis or someone could scan and post these 2 docs
so that the Abbott letter becomes clear.

2.  A.  Wilson responds on behalf of CSI, implies he represents
all the org recipients, and is off topic.

  B.  Wilson attacks Abbott. Expected of a cult lawyer, but bad form.

  C.  Wilson asserts that the California Court of Appeal
dismissed my  arguments out of hand.  Untrue.  The Court stated
that it would not address my defenses at that time, but would
leave the Sohigian preliminary injunction in place as it was not
an abuse of discretion.  The Sohigian injunction, by the way,
permitted me to speak and write freely, and only not voluntarily
assist *claimants* against the cult.

  D.  It is important, useful, and damning of Scientology that
Wilson emphasizes that "...[I am not] free to communicate
orally, in writing or by any other legal means available to [me]
to fully correct..." "alleged lies and distortions." 

  E.  Wilson states that "[m] sole remedy is to seek appropriate
relief for alleged defamatory statements."  Except that the
"settlement agreement" does not permit such.  How can a
defamation action be filed and prosecuted without communicating
to anyone about the facts or the defamers?  During the pendency
of the action, Scientology can unleash its black pr machine on
the world about me and the litigation, and I cannot respond?

  F.  Wilson states: "I have reviewed the documents which you
allege are defamatory and am unable to find any statement
concerning Mr. Armstrong, much less one which is defamatory." 
This really why I hope Grady or someone can scan and post the
defamatory documents, because it will make obvious what a liar
Wilson is.  The 5/10/93 black pr doc is eight pages of statements
concerning me.

  G.  Wilson winds up by threatening Abbott ("subjecting yourself
to liability") and libeling me one more time.  I hereby challenge
David Miscavige to identify one person who he asserts has ever been a
victim of, as he puts it,  my "pathology."  

3.  A.  I found the 1023 on Maureen Garde's web page. 
  B.  It is possible that this 1023 submission was in 1991.  If
so it is even more helpful.

  C.  It should be understood that Miscavige and his co-
conspirators made this submission containing lies about me, and
at least other "settling" claimants Laurel Sullivan and Michael
Flynn, while the cult considered it held us gagged and unable to
respond to the lies in the submission.

  D.  The importance of the Armstrong litigation to both the IRS
and the cult is revealed in this languange in the 1023 form:
"The [Internal Revenue] Service has continuously thrust the
Armstrong case at [the Scientology organization]..."
"The IRS CID (Criminal Investigation Division) absorbed Judge
Breckenridge's findings as the definitive statement of what
Scientology is, and used this decision and the Flynn witnesses
who testified at trial as the nucleus of their investigation."

  E. Any help that anyone can give in an analysis of the 1023
submission and its false statements would be extremely valuable. If
someone can also let me know where copies of whatever Scientology
has submitted to the IRS are located or obtainable it would be
very useful.

  F. I am now available to communicate to any foreign government
officials about these matters, especially wherever Scientology
has used its IRS tax exemption to support or advance its
activities in those foreign countries.  Non-US ars stalwarts, let your
people know.

  G.  If anyone has any contacts in the US government or  media
anywhere who might be interested, please tell them I am able to
communicate freely on this subject.  I also welcome communications
from literary agents and publishers.

  H.  If any reader has any funds to spare to forward the
correction of the Scientology problem, please send to my attorney
in this matter, George W. Abbott, at the address given.  Please
ask your friends and ask your friends to ask their friends.  This
is not a chain letter.  A great deal of good can be done by one
litigant against the whole Scientology organization with very
little money.  Help as you're able.

Someone suggested when it was announced that Judge Thomas had fined me
$1000 and sent me to jail for the 1/27/97 declaration that a
collection be taken up to pay the fine.  I will try to resolve the
fine and sentence myself.  A collection sent to George Abbott for a
RICO lawsuit is money more profitably invested.  Write on your check
"for Armstrong RICO Case."

  I.  Since David Miscavige has apparently not advised
Scientologists of my communications and his false statements about me
to the IRS, the Christian community, the media and the Scientologists
themselves, I ask that any reader pass these things on to any
Scientologists with whom they have any contact.  All Scientologists
have a right to learn of the jeopardy in which Miscavige has placed

  J. The help I would be to the Scientology organization is this: 
settle all litigations; dismantle the fair game and litigation
machine; cancel all antisocial policies; cancel all "contracts"
which limit anyone's civil rights; correct every lie.  Simple, it
could all be done in a week.  There easily may come a time when
the organization will not be given the opportunity to itself make
these corrections, but they will be forcibly implemented.

  K.  As with the 1993 black pr doc sent by Cathy Norman to Watchman
Fellowship, Scientology, in violation of a direct order, did not
produce its statements about me to the IRS in discovery in its cases
against me in California State Court.

  L.  The opportunities for discovery in a RICO case covering the
cult's fifteen years of fair game against me are enormous.  The RICO
statute of limitations stretches back ten years.  In reality, since
every org, franchise, director, agent, lawyer and PI around the world
are explicit "beneficiaries" of the illegal and illegally obtained
"settlement agreement" and any injunction, each of those entities or
persons is a potential defendant. 

4. The 3/25/97 letter along with my 3/6/97 letter were refused by
RTC and returned by the US Postal Service.

5. One final effort.

6. A. Wilson states that the organization bargained and paid for
peace in the 1986 Settlement and that is just what its efforts to
enforce that agreement have been aimed at.  My position is that there
is no peace where one party is free to shoot at the other, and does
shoot, without the party shot at being able to respond.  That concept
is demonic, and it cannot be legally bought at any price.

  B.  I take Miscavige's response, through attorney Wilson, to be a
complete rejection of my peace offering.  I am therefore proceeding
with the 10-point plan of my 3/6/97 letter.

    I challenge David Miscavige to respond to my communications, and I
challenge him to debate with me the fact that Scientology makes people
stupid.  We are moving out of the age of stupidity, and the truly
stupid, foolishly afraid of wisdom, and holding fast to what they
stupidly think makes them special, are for the moment truly dangerous.
David,  why not wise up?   

    To ars, I welcome all help, and I thank everyone who has
participated in successfully bringing the battle this far. 

Gerry Armstrong

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