Re: Personnel of Flag in 1975
[30 June 1997]

More comments re: BASE PERSONNEL ORDER IR-2

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Personnel of Flag in 1975
Date: 30 Jun 1997
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On 30 Jun 1997 19:33:37 GMT, (DeoMorto) wrote:

>>BASE PERSONNEL ORDER IR-2          11 November 1975
>>                   BASE PERSONNEL LIST
>>Cmdr Hana Eltringham, Supercargo, 513 Neptune, OTVII OEC CL VIII

Hana is Hana Whitfield, SP extraordinaire and brain unwasher.

>>Andre Clavel, LRH Artist, 406 Sea Dip, GRIV DRDX SSII CLIV
>>W/O Arthur Hubbard, Asst LRH Artist, 108 Neptune, VA SSII
> Andre!! Haven't heard of him in a long time either.

Andre and I twinned in the slammer in CW in 1976/77. I'd like to
contact him.
>>Pat Broeker, Dishwasher, 508 Neptune, OTVII SSII HDG

Yeah, where is he? Dishwasher - cult leader - dishwasher?

>>Ens Terri Armstrong, CO CMO, 102 Neptune, VA SSII PRD

Heard she's out (Terri Gamboa). Would love to make contact.

>>Trudy Broeker, HAS CMO, 508 Neptune, VA SSII
>>Ens Janice Gillham, Dir I&R/MAA, 236 Neptune, VA DRDX SSII PRD

Also out. Maybe in LV. What say you Teddy@skylink??

>>Ens Claire Mauerer, Sect 3 I/C, 236 Neptune, OTVII SSIII CLIII
> Claire was Phoebe's daughter yes?

Claire was once married to Michael Mauerer, Phoebe's son. Then she
married David Rossouw, Bert and Lola Rossouw's son.

> Whatever happened to Peter "Vitamins" Gilham?

Children - Peter, Terri and Janice all out. Peter Sr. ought to be.
>>Lt. Vicki Livingston, LRH Accts, 206 Sea Dip, OT3 OEC HDC CLI

Saw Vicki after Scientology. Artist in So. Cal.

>>W/O Gerry Armstrong, Dir Br I, 102 Neptune GRIV

He's out. Rumor that he had some trouble with the cult.


>>Mike Rinder, Telex Op, 307 Nept, Integ Proc, SSII

We all know what happened with him. Lost in FH basement.

>>Lt. David Mayo, Snr C/S, 606 Nept, OT 7, OEC, Cl XII
> amazing yet another one of those suppressive Class XII's - amazing how
>many of them there were - wasn't this just around the time that Paulette
>Ausley was declared?

Paulette got dumped on for Hubbard's big R/S flap of 1978. She
probably left around 1980.


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