The End of Endless Denials of Scientology Brainwashing
[8 July 1997]

Hubbard claimed that Scientology could brainwash in 20 seconds.

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Subject: The End of Endless Denials of Scientology Brainwashing
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 01:08:18 GMT
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In Hubbard Communications Office Technical Bulletin of 22 July 1956,
L. Ron Hubbard stated:

"This is true --

1. We have created the (ital) permanent (end ital) stable clear.

2. In creating him we have a homo novis in the full sense, not just
an Operating Thetan.

3. We now know more than life. An oddity indeed.

4. We now know more about psychiatry than psychiatrists. We can
brainwash faster than the Russians (20 secs to total amnesia against
three years to slightly confused loyalty)."

While inside Scientology I read and studied that bulletin. It was
also published in the red "tech volumes."

Either Hubbard lied, or Scientology can brainwash in twenty seconds,
or both. Apologists' choice.


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