Cult's Scarff Bag Is Empty
[12 July 1997]

The cult intelligence whizzes - DM, Gene Ingram, a few lawyers, etc - have for
years considered that one of their great successes was in engineering betrayals.

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Cult's Scarff Bag Is Empty
Date: 12 Jul 1997
Organization: Rapidnet Technologies Internet

The cult intelligence whizzes - DM, Gene Ingram, a few lawyers, etc -
have for years considered that one of their great successes was in
engineering betrayals.

Of the betrayals they engineered they considered that some of the most
profitable were getting anticult litigants to turn against their
attorneys and supporters.

The cult did this with Lavenda Van Schaick. After she settled with
them, they had her sign declarations attacking Mike Flynn, her
attorney against the cult. She also signed one, completely false,
attacking me. There was some discussion on ars about this some months
back. The cult used this declaration in 1986 to try to have me jailed
for contempt of court.

The cult also did this with Paulette Cooper. After she settled they
got her to sign their declarations attacking Flynn.

The cult did it again with Richard and Vicki Aznaran. Ford Greene
represented them, put probably 2000 hours into their case, and
successfully opposed a mountain of scientology summary judgment and
other dispositive motions. With the case ready to go to trial, the
cult went directly to the Aznarans and settled with them. Not only
did the Aznarans stiff Ford, and his co-counsel John Elstead, out of
all their fees and costs, they signed declarations attacking Ford, and
again attacking me. They also claimed in a series of declarations for
the cult that points in their prior testimony or declarations were

The Scarff operation was to be an even better betrayal. Scarff would
sign truthful declarations about his being a cult operative, and would
testify generally truthfully in scientology cases; then repudiate his
earlier sworn statements. And the cult would not have to settle with
or pay an anticult litigant.

Scarff provided a declaration about operations he was involved in for
the cult against Ford, which was filed in my case. He testified in
the Fishman/Geertz case at the request of Graham Berry. Robert Vaughn
Young was employed to cross check or verify the truthfulness or
plausibility of Scarff's testimony.

By testifying truthfully about his involvement in scientology
intel/fair game ops, Scarff also ingratiated himself to cult victims
or others working to correct cult abuses.

The cult stretched out Scarff's "usefulness" as long as it could, and
has now had him sign declarations claiming (he says) that his earlier
testimony on behalf on the anticult litigants was false. He can
probably claim he was forced or tricked into signing all the true
"false" decs, and into testifying "falsely" in depos.

The cult and Scarff think they can take down Graham Berry, Ford
Greene, Vaughn Young, Gerry Armstrong, and anyone else who trusted
Scarff's *sworn testimony*. They can get in another kick at Cynthia
Kisser, and throw some doubt at the German TV expose. Scarff would
try to hurt Lawrence Wollersheim, Arnie Lerma, and anyone else with
whom (proper usage) he would come in contact.

Scarff's arrival on ars and his apparently ridiculous attacks on the
newsgroup's good folks were to give him a "reason" to now go to the
cult to "settle his differences." The good folks would react to
Scarff's insults and stupidity, and then he could suddenly "discover"
how reasonable the cult is, suddenly have a "meeting" with them, and
even "suddenly" defend their "religion."

Scarff was working for the cult the whole time. Every post from him
is the post of a scientology operative. Every vicious post from him
is from the cult. Every lie from him is a lie from the cult. He
demonstrates how dangerous, including physically dangerous, the cult

As with all cult engineered betrayals, they can now spread more
mistrust, embarrass the good people who had the temerity to trust
anyone anyway, dev-t everyone, and break some more hearts.

Fortunately, this time the cult intel bosses are going to find that
the Scarff bag is empty. No one's reputation will be harmed but
Scarff's, his handlers' and the cult leaders'. The only mistrust that
will be spread is utter mistrust of the cult and all its leaders,
lawyers and lackeys. With the Scarff scam, the cult may finally have
reached the point of no return where it will no longer be trusted by
anyone to make any corrections of its practices, but correction will
be forced upon it. Rather than extend the cult's life, and its
ability to harm more souls, the Scarff operation will cut it short.
The Scarff betrayal will unite people to defy and defeat this

Garry called me a few years back when I was working with Ford and
claimed that he was afraid for his life, that he had been an operative
working with Ingram, and that he had signed false declarations
attacking Ford and others and wanted to correct the wrongs he had

I met Garry in Portland. I was there for the Portland Marathon. I'm
a few years older than Garry, but a reasonable runner. I think I was
46 at the time and ran a 2:55, if that means anything to anyone. I
was in good shape, and I'd trained for the race.

Surprise! Garry wins the Clydesdale division, which is is for men over
200 lb, in a blazing 2:38. I hear his name announced at the awards
ceremony, but don't meet him then. I get this nifty medal for my
place in my 45-50 yr division. He gets an even niftier one.

The next day I meet Garry in his apartment in Portland. Here is this
guy who certainly weighs over 200 lb; but it's a fairly flabby 200.
This is not a runner's body, and not a 2:38 marathoner's body.

Not too long after the marathon I had an opportunity to run with Garry
in Malibu, and he did some huffing and puffing, but again he didn't
look anything like a 2:38 marathon.

My read is that Garry and the cult, knowing I was going to be in
Portland for the marathon, wanted him to make a connection with me or
impress me as a runner. The Scarff scam goes back that far.

So Garry, it was all Rosie Ruiz, wasn't it.

You know what they said about the Phraud: he can hide, but he can't

Gerry Armstrong

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