Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions
[21 October 1997]

I recently saw an ethics order on someone kicking them out of
Scientology for remaining a member of the Methodist Church.

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions
Date: 21 October 1997
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On Mon, 20 Oct 1997 12:19:01 +0100, Dave Bird---St Hippo of Augustine
( wrote:
> Scientology presents itself in W.I.S. as "an applied religious
> philiosophy" compatible with other religious beliefs. I know
> this is a somewhat disputed statement but....
> In your estimate, what percentage of staff or public Scientologists
> (in the area/nation where you were a member) were in fact active
> believers in other religions during their membership?

> What religion and denomination were they??

I recently saw an ethics order on someone kicking them out of
Scientology for remaining a member of the Methodist Church.

It was absolutely forbidden in every part of the Scientology
enterprise where I was (Vancouver, Apollo, Dunedin, Clearwater, La
Quinta, Gilman Hotsprings, Los Angeles) for anyone to be an active
believer in any [other] religion and remain in the org. There was a
couple in the RPF in Clearwater who announced their belief in God.
They were guarded, sec checked, made to sign "crimes" culled from
their pc folders, made to accept a "freeloader debt," and finally

It was common "knowledge" in the organization that people who believed
in God were "psychotic" and were treated as such. Such people could of
course be used to forward Scientology's public relations goals.

During the "Apollo" years, the 400+ people on board never admitted to
being Scientologists, and it was a security violation, punishable with
a "treason condition," if anyone let slip to a "wog" that he or she
was a Scientologist, or that Scientology was operating on board. Our
cover was "Operation and Transport Corporation" of Panama, a business
management company. If anyone was asked by a wog in the ports we
visited what his or her religion was, the person was drilled to state
the religion he or she was raised in; e.g., Catholic, Presbyterian,

This shows the facility of Scientologists in lying. The same facility
is shown in the organization's claim of compatibility with [other]
religions. Scientology at its core is dedicated to the destruction of
[other] religions. Which to the facile Scientologists is just another
way of saying that they are all compatible.


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