Graham's Plan (Was Graham's Problem)
[10 November 1997]

Here's my CV.

From: (gerry armstrong)
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Subject: Graham's Plan (Was Graham's Problem)
Date: 10 November 1997
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On 8 Nov 1997 07:22:15 GMT, (GrahamEB) wrote:

>Oh shucks fellas how I blush....!
> But seriously thank you.Their OSA ops have made me poor.But think of the
> damages claim I have--- as a major California law firm seriously filing
> Berry v.Miscavige,Moxon,Kobrin,Bowles,Rinder,Abelson,Ingram,etc...
>We are going to make Ingram ,Moxon,Abelson,Drescher,Miscavige,Rinder and Quinn
> bigs names,household names around the State Capitol-as we hold hearings on,and
> then introduce legislation to amend the scope of the permitted activities of a
> private investigator,as defined in the Business and Professions Code and just
> guess what the evidence will be, as to whom has been doing what to whom,and
> why Society needs protection from Fair Game,Level O,Attacks,etc.Since I am
> such a poor attorney I guess they can just ignore AB CURB INGRAM
> .Similarly,they will be able to ignore the book we are putting together to
> show how the Churches 1001 Applications for Section 501 (c) (3) status
> contained overwhelming evidence of misrepresentations and omissions (to state
> it kindly) and that it is clear and convincing evidence of.....and to revoke
> the tax exempt status,require the church to pay back taxes ,penalties and
> interest-and reqiure "parishioners" who have made charitable tax deductions
> to pay the tax otherwise due plus penalties and interest.Now won't there just
> be some very enturbulated Scientology public and celebrities ! But since I am
> such a poor attorney they obviosly will not deem it necessary to
> point one and all that stuff you know...old boy!
>  Yours ever poorly
>   Graham Berry


That is rich.

Would you be so kind as to pass on my CV which follows to the major
California law firm which will represent you.

Also let me know when a declaration and testimlny will be needed
regarding Ingram. You may recall that he illegally videotaped me, paid
off a corrupt LAPD officer for a phony authorization to wire tap me
and my attorney, framed one of my attorneys and fair gamed another,
spread the false rumor that I have AIDS, and threatened to murder me.

I think the California legislators might want to be aware that this
irreligious cult is using their California court system to persecute
religious opponents, and in fact have driven this one opponent to
leave the State because of this unchecked and State-assisted religious

Here's my CV. Perhaps someone would be so kind as to fill in the case
numbers for B & G Wards, Burden, Cooper, Flynn and Van Schaick.

                             CURRICULUM VITAE

Name:     Gerald David Armstrong (Gerry Armstrong)

Address: C/O George W. Abbott, Esquire
          2245-B Meridian Blvd.
          P.O. Box 98
          Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

Citizenship:   Canadian

Marital Status:     Single

Education:     1951-57   Chilliwack Elementary School
                         Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

               1957-61   Chilliwack Junior High School

               1960-64   Chilliwack Senior High School

               1968      University of British Columbia

Scientology Positions:

               1969-70   Little Mountain franchise, Vancouver,
                         B.C., basic courses supervisor, Deputy
                         Executive Director

               1971      Sea Organization, Los Angeles, CA; SO
                         Flagship "Apollo," Morocco, Storesman,
                         Boats & Transport In Charge

               1972-74   Ship's Representative (legal
                         officer),Morocco, Portugal, Spain

               1974      Port Captain/Public Relations Officer,
                         Portugal, Spain

               1974-75   Intelligence Officer, Bahamas, Dominican
                         Republic, Jamaica, Netherlands Antilles,
                         Barbados, Trinidad, St. Vincent

               1975      Guardian's Office, Intelligence Officer,
                         Daytona Beach, Florida

               1975-76   Deputy Communications Aide to L. Ron
                         Hubbard, Dunedin, FL, Culver City,

               1976-77   Rehabilitation Project Force,
                         Clearwater, FL; Member, Section Leader,
                         Bosun, Bosun Emeritus

               1977-78   "Special Unit," La Quinta, CA, film
                         unit; Sets I/C, Crew Chief, Assistant

               1978-79   Rehabilitation Project Force, La Quinta,
                         Gilman Hotsprings, CA; Member, MAA

               1979      Special Unit, Gilman Hotsprings, L. Ron
                         Hubbard's Household Unit; Renovations
                         I/C, Deputy Commanding Officer HU

               1980-81   L. Ron Hubbard's Archivist/Biographical
                         Researcher, Los Angeles, CA

Sea Org Commission: 1974

Highest Rank Held: Ensign

Sea Org Missions:   1974 Security (Briefcase Retrieval, Madeira,

                    1974 Port Set Up; Vigo, La Coruna, Spain

                    1974 Port Set Up; El Ferrol, Spain

                    1974 Port Set Up; Bermuda, Bahamas

                    1974 Legal (US Entry)

                    1974 Port Set Up; Jamaica

                    1974 Legal (Hubbard Vehicles into Portugal)

                    1980 Legal (Mission Corporate Category
                    Sortout - Corporate Restructure)

Legal Positions:    1982-84   Paralegal, Feldsott, Lee & Van
                              Gemert,Newport Beach, CA

                    1985-86 Paralegal, Flynn, Joyce & Sheridan,
                              Boston, MA

                    1991-95   Paralegal, Ford Greene, San
                              Anselmo, CA

Scientology Testimony:

          Approximately 60 days of oral testimony in trial or
          deposition in approximately 25 lawsuits or other legal

          Approximately 60 declarations or affidavits filed in
          approximately 50 litigations

          Recognized as expert in Scientology policies and
          practices, particularly organization fraud and fair
          game doctrine

Partial list (known) of decided cases in which expert testimony

1.   Aznaran v. Scientology, US District Court, Central District
     of Calfornia, No. CV-88-1786-JMI; $ Settlement for

2.   In Re B & G Wards, High Court of London, England, 1984;
     Judgment and Custody Award for non-scientologist parent

3.   Burden v. Scientology, US District Court for the Middle
     District of Florida, No. $ Settlement for plaintiff

4.   Christofferson v. Scientology, Multnomah County, Oregon
     Circuit Court, Case No. A7704-05814; $ Judgment for
     plaintiff (mistrial declared; $ settlement for plaintiff)

5.   Cooper v. Scientology; $ Settlement for plaintiff

6.   Corydon v. Scientology, Los Angeles County, California
     Superior Court No. C 694401; $ Settlement for plaintiff

7.   Flynn v. Scientology; $ Settlement for plaintiff

8.   Hunziker v. Applied Materials, Santa Clara County,
     California Superior Court, No. 692629; $ Settlement for

9.   McLean v. Scientology, US District Court for the Middle
     District of Florida, No. 81-174-CIV-T-17; $ Settlement for

10.  Scientology v. Fishman, Geertz, US District Court for the
     Central District of California, No. 91-6426 HLH (Tx);
     Judgment for defendants

11.  Scientology v. Scott, US District Court for the Central
     District of California, No. CV 85-711 JMI(Bx), and
     Scientology v Wollersheim, US District Court for the Central
     District of California, Case No. CV 85-7197
     JMI(Bx)(Consolidated Cases, also known as Scientology v.
     Mayo); settlement for defendants and cross-complainants

12.  Scientology v. Wollersheim, Los Angeles County, California
     Superior Court, No. BC074815; $ Judgment for defendant

13.  Scientology v. Yanny, Los Angeles County, California
     Superior Court, No. BC 033035; Judgment for defendant

14.  Van Schaick v. Scientology; $ Settlement for plaintiff

15.  Wollersheim v. Scientology, Los Angeles County, California
     Superior Court, No. C332327; $ Judgment for plaintiff

Gerry Armstrong

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