Naked Is As Naked Does (Was Seemingly Naked)
[10 November 1997]

In its black propaganda packs on me, Scientology continually
makes the "apparently naked" charge...

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Naked Is As Naked Does (Was Seemingly Naked)
Date: 10 November 1997
Organization: Rapidnet Technologies Internet

>On 27 Oct 1997 (Tilman Hausherr) wrote:
>I asked Gerry Armstrong if he did appear "seemingly naked" in a
>newspaper, as clam publications said. He explained that this DA shows
>very well how DA works. He had founded a movement called the
>"renunciators" and had sent press releases about this to the media.
>The Marin county newspaper interviewed him and made a foto of him
>in the lotus position behind a huge globe. Because the globe was so
>big, most of his body couldn't be seen - he was wearing Gym shorts,
>he wasn't naked at all. Eugene Ingram (who, btw, once told Gerry that
>he would get a bullet between his eyes) even visited the paper and
>interviewed the journalist / fotographers, so scientology knew very well
>that Gerry wasn't naked.

In its black propaganda packs on me, Scientology continually
makes the "apparently naked" charge:
          "Since the case (Armstrong I, LASC No. C 420153)
     was heard, Armstrong has adopted a degraded life-style
     and developed some odd financial ideas. He is the self-
     proclaimed founder of the "Organization of United
     Renunciants." In November 1992 the Marin Independent
     Journal attempted to explain Armstrong's philosophy of
     life in an article entitled "Is money the root of
     problems?" The story featured a photograph of an
     apparently naked Armstrong, eyes closed and smiling,
     sitting in a lotus position embracing an enormous

In one of its black propaganda pack on Judge Breckenridge, the
cult writes:
          "Since the case (Armstrong I) was heard,
     Armstrong has adopted a hippy life-style. He is the
     self-proclaimed founder of the 'Organization of United
     Renunciants.' A November 1992 article in the Marin
     Independent Journal featured a photograph of an
     apparently naked Armstrong, eyes closed and smiling,
     sitting in a lotus position embracing a globe."

At other times the cult drops the "apparently" or "seemingly" and
exposes its raw villainy.

On August 5, 1993, Heber Jentzsch writes to Carol Fracassa,
producer at Entertainment Television in LA:
          "[Armstrong] has no relation to art or artists and
     has no history of being published anywhere - except, of
     course for the photo of himself, nude, hugging the
     globe of the world and promoting the idea that everyone
     should give away what money they have.
          The documents are attached."

The same cult black PR publication attacking Factnet which
contained the cult's grotesque characterization of the "pig
dream," (see post "For Grady with Love and Squalor") continued:
          "On November 11, 1992, in the Marin Independent
     Journal there was an article on Gerald Armstrong titled
     "Is Money The Root of Problems." In the article there
     is a picture of Armstrong (ital)in the nude holding a
     globe(end ital)."

In a letter on OSA stationery dated May 9, 1994 to Charles
Collier-Wright of Mirror Group Newspapers in the UK, Mike Rinder,
stripped of any seemliness, writes:
          "By involving himself with Church of Scientology
     litigation, Mr. Armstrong is in violation of a legal
     agreement he made in 1986. Were the Mirror to call him
     as a witness, your client would become a party to that
     violation. However, your client would be advised not to
     rely on information from Mr. Armstrong. He has now
     distinguished himself by posing naked in a newspaper
     claiming that the solution to the national debt is for
     everyone in the United States to simply renounce money.
     He claims himself to be the "Founder of the
     Organization of United Renunciants."

In the same letter Rinder also attacks Robert Vaughn Young, Garry
Scarff, Hana and Jerry Whitfield, Richard and Vicki Aznaran,
Lawrence Wollersheim, Scott Mayer and Graham Berry. Rinder copies
the letter to Gerrard Tyrell of Harbottle & Lewis, and Gerald
Feffer of Williams and Connelly.

Last month OSA scrub Lynn Farny passed the same seemingly naked
lie on to Channel 4 in the cult's effort to derail the Secret
Life of L. Ron Goodbugger.

As Tilman says, I wasn't physically naked when photographed for
the Marin IJ article, but was wearing a pair of running shorts.
The cult knew this because its iniquitous intimidator Ingram
interviewed the IJ photographer Frank Frost within a few days of
the article appearing. I protested to Rinder during a meeting in
1994 that I wasn't nude in the photo and that Scientology knew I
wasn't. He acknowledged this, and in fact acknowledged that what
Scientology was doing to me was black PR. He also said that they
were going to continue to black PR me until I was silent.

But I figure that if the unadorned truth won't curb bare-faced
liars rather than be shuddered into a straitjacket I'd just let it all
hang out.


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