Re: Graham's Plan (Was Graham's Problem)
[10 November 1997]

Gerry responds to Garry Scarff's black PR

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Graham's Plan (Was Graham's Problem)
Date: 10 November 1997
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On 9 Nov 1997 00:52:08 GMT, "Garry Scarff" wrote:

>gerry armstrong wrote in article
>> On 8 Nov 1997 07:22:15 GMT, (GrahamEB) wrote:

>> my CV

>Oh, please, Graham, don't set up a good lawsuit for failure by using a
>celebrity-seeking ex-Scientologist, particularly one that breaks the law
>and flees to Canada to evade responsibility. Use Gerry from the past
>experience he has had in Scientology; don't let him use your litigation as
>a conduit to bring media attention to feed his own self-inflated ego.
>Your Client & Armstrong-Alleged Scientology Squirrel,
>Garry Scarff


I have found it advisable to not give legal advice to lawyers, and the
very few times I did violate that convention I still knew that it was
foolish. Knowing its certain foolishness, I did so only because it was
really important to really important issues. So, putting the facts
aside, I will assume the subject of my offered assistance to Graham
Berry is for you really important to really important issues. I
understand that you ANAL.

Your advice to Graham that using me as an expert in my areas of
expertise would "set up [his] good lawsuit for failure" is false,
defamatory and tortious interference with a potential business
relationship. You have no facts whatsoever on which to base such an

You did this even after I listed 15 lawsuits in which my expert
testimony was part of a successful outcome against Scientology.
Therefore you manifest malice. But, IABAPPANAPP.

Having the facts again brought to your attention, and having your
libel protested and refuted, will you please, as a first action to
mitigate the damage done, post to this newsgroup a full correction
of the falsehoods contained in your above statement.

I would think that your handlers would realize that my public offering
of my expert assistance to Graham Berry eliminates the threat of a
cult lawsuit against him for inducing me to breach its "settlement
agreement." Since their agent responded to my public offer, their
agent's handlers have notice.

Gerry Armstrong

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