Conversing with the Dead Agents in Berlin
[11 November 1997]

John Carmichael showed up at the "SP Conference" October 26 in Berlin
and handed out a Scientology black propaganda sheet in German

From: (gerry armstrong)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Conversing with the Dead Agents in Berlin
Date: 11 November 1997
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John Carmichael showed up at the "SP Conference" October 26 in Berlin
and handed out a Scientology black propaganda sheet in German, a
translation of which, done by some friends here in Canada, follows.


Berlin, October 26, 1997


          Gerry Armstrong: Fugitive from the Law

     "They searched the whole world for the leading speaker
against Scientology and all they found is a fugitive from
American Justice, who fled to Canada. His normal activities
consist of conversations with the dead" said lawyer Elliot
Aberson who represents the International Church of Scientology.
"To present such a psychotic person as Gerry Armstrong as a
reliable witness is a new low in the losing international
campaign, which is organized by people with governmental backing,
against the fundamental rights of the members of the Church of

     "A 72 hour childish boycott campaign was called against the
March for Freedom of Religion. This is to curtail free speech of
the members of the Church of Scientology in tomorrow's march,
which has been organized by the interreligious organization FRG -
Freedom of Religion in Germany. This consists of adolescent
actions, like cancelling hotel reservations, transportation
arrangements and equipment orders, and the false announcement
that the March for Religious Freedom was cancelled."

     "Some people, like some Government "experts," have
completely lost the ability to act rationally."

     "Nothing in the recent past is comparable with the above
described kindergarten tactics. Germany is not only at the center
of harsh international politics, but it is becoming more and more
the laughing stock of the civilized world," said Mr. Abelson.

     Mr. Armstrong, the so-called "Scientology Expert," was found
guilty of contempt of court. When he was ordered to report to
jail he fled the USA and is hiding in Canada. He stated in court
that he normally converses with the dead.

     "That he was the only anti-Scientology speaker found by
Ursual Caberta and Renate Rennebach, shows how desperate they are
to find someone outside of Germany to support their base bigotry."

V.i.S.d.P. Ute Kock, Church of Scientology Berlin

[End Quote]

Perhaps my German friends can compare this translation with the
original and correct any translation errors.

Without accepting the cult's label of "anti-Scientology speaker," if I
was an anti-Scientology speaker, then I was not, as the cult knows,
the only anti-Scientology speaker. There were at least seven others at
the October 26 panel, including at least three other non-Germans.

I didn't leave the US when I was ordered to report to jail. I left
when I discovered that the cult's leaders figure the tax exempt status
and their billions of dirty dollars depend on silencing me. I left in
February, 1997, in order to be free to correct this tax fraud and
other Scientology abuses. The cult got its order sending me to jail in
June, 1997.

Carmichael also handed out a bench warrant for my arrest issued by
Marin County Superior Court Judge Gary W. Thomas in August this year.
I will post this separately.

I do not believe Elliott Abelson or Ute Kock had ever laid eyes on me
before publishing this black PR. They certainly never asked me about
conversing with the dead, which is not only not my normal activity, it
isn't anything that even rings a bell. I don't even know a dead person.
Where this claimed statement in court was made Heaven and Abelson
only know. I will try to find out and pass it on.

In that this black PR was handed out by the Scientologists to the
media at the October 26 event, and was used by at least one newspaper
in a subsequent article, I will have some lawyers look at it for
corrective action. I'll also pass this on as it develops.

There was some speculation in Germany that Abelson has me mixed up
with Koos, who really does normally converse with the dead. Even that
might be actionable, but IANAL.

I think that labeling someone psychotic for conversing with the dead,
especially when he doesn't, should be a message to all you
Scientologists who write all those conversing with the dead success
stories for Advance magazine. Your leaders, the cynical few who run
the cult and spend your money on lawyers and PIs to attack good
people, really believe, when they read your ingenuous success stories
about your OT powers and your telepathic communications with dead
people, that you are psychotic. Your leaders are really not good for
you. They tolerate your "psychosis" because you have money. And they
need your money for those lawyers and PIs to attack people just like


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