Re: Gerry Armstrong -- a coward running from the law
[27 January 1998]

Keith: I am honored to share Miscavige's pet black PR agent [wgert] with you.

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong -- a coward running from the law
Date: 27 January 1998

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998 21:46:46 GMT, (Keith Henson) wrote:

>wgert ( wrote:
>: 'Hitlist'? This man, Armstrong is in contempt of a court order. And a
>: bench warrant is out on him asking for him to be arrested and brought
>: to the court.
>That's interesting. Last time I talked to Gerry in Palo Alto he did not
>seem to be much worried about being picked up. Sorry I don't remember
>the exact date.
>: With the freedom of speech comes the responsibility to stand up for
>: what one said. If you can't take that responsibility, and yet continue
>: to claim freedom of speech, then you're a pretty stupid person, or
>: bizarre would be the better descriptive in Armstrong's case.
>As I remember, Gerry got a subpeona from Grady in a federal case.
>You tell me wgert, what could Gerry have done in this case?
>You might note that interfearing with people testifying in such cases
>is a criminal act. Keith Henson


I am honored to share Miscavige's pet black PR agent with you.

Here's an excerpt from a document sent today to the Marin Superior


     35. An opposition to Scientology's latest OSC must also
necessarily address this Court's contempt order filed June 5,
1997. Indeed, Scientology supports its present application on
statements of fact regarding that contempt order:
     "Earlier this year, Armstrong wrote and filed a lengthy
     declaration (the "Declaration") in support of litigants
     adverse to a beneficiary of the Settlement Agreement in
     three cases currently pending in the United States
     District Court for the Northern District of California.
     Armstrong then sent copies of the Declaration to the
     parties and their counsel. On CSI's application, an
     Order to Show Cause re Contempt was issued which was
     served by publication because Armstrong fled the
     jurisdiction. Armstrong was subsequently held in
     contempt, and ordered punished by the imposition of a
     $1,000 fine and confinement for a period of forty-eight
     hours." (App 5:4-12)
The facts are, as any reasonable trier of fact would, I believe,
see, that I was manifestly justified in doing what I did even if
such had been a violation of this Court's Order; but that what I
did for which this Court held me, without hearing, in contempt,
was in fact not a violation of this Court's Order.
     36. The contempt order states:
          "ARMSTRONG willfully disobeyed the [October 17,
     1995 Permanent Injunction] Order. On or about January
     26, 1997, ARMSTRONG sent a document entitled
     District Judge Ronald M. Whyte. Judge Whyte was at the
     time presiding over three cases in which plaintiff is
     [Scientology alter ego entity Religious Technology
     Center, Inc.] RTC. In the Declaration ARMSTRONG
     recites his understanding that he was prohibited from
     sending such a Declaration directly to litigants and
     states that he is instead sending it directly to Judge
     Whyte in the hopes of influencing his decision on a
     pending matter. This evidences ARMSTRONG'S
     disobedience of the Order and Judgment." (Contempt
     Order, 3:1-10)
     37. Nowhere in the subject January 26, 1997 declaration do
I make the statements ascribed to me in the contempt order which
this Court signed. I state, to the contrary, in the declaration:
          "This [October 17, 1995 Permanent Injunction]
     order does not, however, prohibit me from voluntarily
     assisting a person *judging* litigations involving the
     order's "beneficiaries." I believe that the United
     States District Court is a "governmental organ or
     entity" excluded from the prohibitions of the order.
     [October 17, 1995 Order, 8:1,2,6,7] I am therefore
     providing the original of this declaration to the
     38. The Order specifically permits me to "[v]oluntarily
assist[ ] any [ ] governmental organ or entity [ ] regarding
[Scientology, its claims and claims against it]." (Order, 7:4-7;
8:1-7). My reasoning for the legality of my sending the
declaration to Judge Whyte is that if this Court's Order
prohibits me from "voluntarily assisting," or freely
communicating to, governmental organs or entities about
Scientology, I would not be permitted to report, e.g., murder.
Such an interpretation must create a terrible illegality and a
public wrong. Scientology is widely known as a dangerous and
criminal cult, and I believe everyone, for individual and the
common safety, must be free to communicate its dangers and
     39. My January 26, 1997 declaration was the reporting of
another crime by Scientology, namely obstruction of justice
through its attempt to intimidate me, a subpoenaed witness, into
not obeying the subpoena. I believe that it was completely legal,
probably a civic duty, and certainly not prohibited by this
Court's Order, to bring the obstruction of justice, and the facts
underlying and surrounding it, to the attention of Judge Whyte
who presided over the case in which the obstruction of justice
     40. On January 23, 1997 I received a subpoena from Grady
Ward in the case of RTC v. Ward, US District Court for the
Northern District of California, case no. C-96-20207 RMW. Ward's
subpoena states:
     "You are commanded to produce and permit inspection and
     copying of the following documents or objects [ ]:
     All documents and declarations authored by yourself
     documenting abuse, fraud, and unlawful acts by the
     Church of Scientology Enterprise or any of its
     investigators, such as Eugene Martin Ingram."
See also January 26, 1997 declaration, at 43:13-15. In response
to Ward's subpoena I produced that declaration and the exhibits
     41. On January 24, 1997 I received by fax a letter from
attorney Wilson, threatening prosecution in this Court if I
provide the documents to Ward as subpoenaed. Wilson's statement
in the second paragraph that my "obligation to produce documents
in response to lawfully issued and served subpoena is
unquestioned" I took to be an effort to give plausible
deniability to the threat and the clear obstruction of justice
contained in the rest of the letter. I understood Wilson to be
saying for Scientology, "We know you have a legal right to
produce the subpoenaed documents, but we're going to prosecute
you anyway." See 1/26/97 declaration, at 43:16-22. In response
to Wilson's threat, I sent the declaration, which I had been
ordered to produce by Ward, to Judge Whyte, who, I believed, and
still believe, is the proper person to be advised of and curtail
Scientology's interference with a witness in the cases before
     42. Ward's subpoena to me, commanding the production of
declarations and other documents concerning Scientology private
investigator Ingram, was relevant because, as this Court knows,
Ingram had orchestrated or participated in a number of crimes or
intelligence operations against me; e.g., threatening to put a
bullet between my eyes; illegally videotaping me; attempted
entrapment; worldwide character assassination, which Scientology
calls "black propaganda" or "black PR;" and harassment of my
friends. He had also orchestrated or participated in a number of
crimes or intelligence operations against my attorney Michael
Flynn; e.g., framing him with forgery of a $2,000,000 check; and
my attorney Ford Greene; e.g., planting a spy in his office to
copy and/or steal his files; filing false bar complaints;
harassing his friends. I understand that Ward was also the target
of crimes or intelligence ops orchestrated or participated in by
Ingram, and that Ward was seeking information in order to have
Scientology and Ingram desist in such crimes or ops. Although
Wilson insists in his 1/24/97 letter that I not produce the
documents subpoenaed by Ward until Scientology's motion for a
protective order was heard in the Ward case, on information and
belief, Scientology has never to this day filed such a motion.
     43. The Order of Contempt states:
          The injunction "prohibited ARMSTRONG from
     voluntarily assisting any person arbitrating or
     litigating adversely to the Beneficiaries and also
     prohibited ARMSTRONG from facilitating in any manner
     the creation, publication, broadcast, writing,
     electronic recording or reproduction of various
     documentary works. There is no suggestion, and
     certainly no showing by ARMSTRONG, that he is incapable
     of complying with the Order."
This is untrue for three reasons. I was subpoenaed and did not
"voluntarily" produce the documents I produced. I was reporting
the criminal offense of obstruction of justice. I was doing what
every citizen should do: oppose injustice. I have stated over and
over, since 1990, and remain even more convinced today, that it
is wrong, illegal and dangerous for any entity, but particularly
an organization such as Scientology, to be able to say whatever
it wants about anyone, including me, and the target of those
statements, including me, be unable to respond; and further, if
he does respond, to be subject to fines and imprisonment. To not
respond, then, is, because of that wrong, illegality and danger,
for moral, ethical, legal, psychological and religious reasons,
no matter what penalty injustice may impose, for me, impossible.

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