Oh Enzo!
[31 March 1998]

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From: Gerry Armstrong <armstrong@dowco.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Oh Enzo!
Date: 31 March 1998

I found this way over there on dejanews.

Subject: The Mother of All Pigs?
From: Enzo Piccone (enzo@ermes.it)
Date: 1998/03/27
Message-ID: <351BB0B0.7C7E@ermes.it>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

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Ron Newman replied to an a.r.s. subscriber who was concerned about
balance on a possible, future Oprah show on Scientology:

> In article <35171c1c.37689146@enews.newsguy.com>,
> mirele@newsguy.com (Deana Holmes) wrote:
> > >Oprah responded that she would like him [John Travolta] to come back
> > >and do a whole show on Scientology.
> >
> > Hunh. Bet it won't be balanced. If it were balanced, who would you
> > like to see representing the other side on the show?
> Gerry Armstrong?
> --
> Ron Newman             rnewman@thecia.net
> http://www2.thecia.net/users/rnewman/

Thank you Ron.

EP: Isn't Gerry holed up in Canada to postpone doing his jail time
in the U.S.?

No. I have been extremely busy in Canada, and so involved with so many
things, that it has not been ultimately timely to move to my next spot
in a fashion or rate different from the rate and fashion that have as
it turned out been my lot.

It has nothing to do with postponing the jail time to which I'm sure
you're refering; i.e. one or more orders of contempt in Scientology v.
Armstrong, Marin Superior Court No. 157680. It is my intention and
expectation that I serve no jail time for said alleged contempts, and
that is, concering my legal situation in said case,what I have worked
toward while in Canada.

I am not holed up, as you say, although there have been times when I
have been accutely aware of the physical danger I am in from your
organization, which awareness has certainly been at those times an
dominating factor in my behavior. That awareness, peaking with the
discovery of your organization's false IRS 1023, particularly its
black PR of me, was what brought me to leave California and live the
better part of a year in B.C.

Within the past few months I moved my official residence to Nevada,
and that is where I can be served with legal process.

EP: Wouldn't want him interviewed from the pokey, would we?

Actually it is entirely possible that I would be interviewed in the
pokey. Indeed it is my present intention to do my best to have as many
interviews with as many media entities I and my supporters can get to
the hearings on the arrest warrant and contempt orders.

EP: Not to worry, Ron. We can use Gerry's stand-in.

Since we've never really met, although our paths may have crossed once
or twice back inside, I see as probable your being given the task of
ridiculing, or otherwise attacking me, and this is your best effort. I
also get a sense that you are doing what someone would do if he holed
up somewhere and no longer communicated to the many good people on

EP: We could start, though, with Roland -- just to make him sound
a tad more literate for a change -- doing a reading of selected a.r.s.
articles by Wgert to introduce ...

I'm uncertain if you mean that Roland as my stand-in makes me sound a
tad more literate for a change, or if Roland as my stand-in makes him
sound a tad more literate for a change. I am certain, however, that
you've meant how you've meant it to mean; i.e., that one of us is a
tad more illiterate, but that is only for banter since both of us are,
it goes without saying, a pair of first class SPs.

Well I think, from what little I know of him, and from all that I've
read on ars, that Roland is actually a front line freedom fighter of
the first class, and I would pay good money to be a tad more
illiterate than he.

Look at what this man just wrote:

"OTs have no powers at all. None of them do. If all the OTs
in the world got together to move a scrap of paper with mind
power then the paper wouldn't move.

OTs are deluded weaklings whose minds have been rotted by
Scientology to the point where they talk to dead space-aliens.

OTs are pathetic fools.

OTs are objects of ridicule."

That is literature.

EP: Gerry -- "I have a dream" -- Armstrong's pig.

Isn't it amazing to be linked by my thoroughly unamazing dream to
Martin Luther King. That is OT, Enzo. Not what you do, or I do, but
what is done with what we do.

EP: Led on stage by an approving -- or would you be a
disapproving? -- Ron Newman.

I imagine you've linked Ron and me with ML King because of Ron's
response to the question who would you like to see representing the
cult reformers in a discussion on Oprah with JT.

Do you not think I could pull it off?

EP: Accompanied by one of Gerry's many a.r.s. apologists, Robert
Vaughn -- (paraphrased) "Shucks, it was just Gerry's poetry!" --

What a great honor, if even partly true, to have many a.r.s.
apologists, and what greater honor, if it too were only partly true,
to count RVY among them.

I think that you have an mu on "apologist." You have, as we all have,
seen and used the term most frequently in the context of "cult
apologist." You fight the term "cult," as do all cultists, because you
view it as a term of disapproval, and you and the other cultists fight
the term "cult apologist" for the same reason. Some of the people who
come to the cult's defense against its critics really are cult
apologists. An "apologist" is a "person who offers a defence by
argument." (Collins English Dic.,1986). "Argument" the same source
defines as "a discussion in which reasons are put forward in support
of and against a proposition, proposal, or case; debate.

None of the people who show up as Scientology agents on ars are cult
apologists. Some of these agents pretend to be cult apologists, but it
doesn't last because the arguments are all lost and the cult
pseudo-apologists escape into the wgert mud, lobbing great earfuls at
the ars cult reformers, and their apologists - those who defend them
by argument. Sometimes a real cult apologist gets quoted on ars, but
they don't show up here all set to argue in the cult's defense.

I'm sure there were those who thought you might be, when everyone
welcomed you to ars, Scientology's good chance for apologetics. The
cult robs people of the power of argument not so much by brainwashing
but by direct order, command intention backed up by threat forbidding
rational discussions. I am glad RVY is one of my apologists. You might
think of finding someone who defends you by argument.

Many times what cult agents mean to be an aspersion is more easily
viewed as a compliment.

EP: Now, surely something like this would add some colour as well
as balance, wouldn't you say, Ron?

I think that you would find that if a discussion is arranged with
Travolta, or any other Scientology celebrity, or Miscavige, or any
other organ, or even a skilled apologist, that I, or any other cult
reformer, would be colored or balanced enough without the poetry of

EP: And do lighten up, Tilman. How could I forget a big strong
fellow like you? Someone, after all, would be needed to keep the
stage clean, right?

You see, you can't be an apologist and engage only in sillinesses.

EP: Martin Ottmann? Now that he's also going by the name of
"Fritz Bond," our Martin could secretly assist Tilman by carrying his
cleaning materials disguised as a picket sign.

You have assembled an amazing crew of cult reformers and their
apologists here. Now would be a good time to throw off the shackles of
Scientological stupidity, and engage these people of good will. Tell
your cult seniors to take a big long hike. Be able to communicate to
anyone on any subject, and prove it by communicating apologetically
about your life and beliefs in Scientology.

EP: Okay, let's get serious now. You couldn't all -- even Minton?
-- be being run by the The Big Pink, herself, could you?! :-0

You have accepted your unapologetic seniors' targets and attack lines,
and you lost the opportunity to communicate what is true for you. Yes,
tell your cult seniors to take that big long hike. Tell them you've
got some apologies to make.

EP: Sweet dreams, boys.

Enzo Piccone

Do you have a dream? Tell us your dream.


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