Re: RPF Exposed
[4 April 1998]

If anyone is responsible for anything in this world then the RPF is
Hubbard's creation. There, now someone has stated the simple truth.

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: RPF Exposed
Date: 4 April 1998

On 3 Apr 1998 12:27:07 +0200, nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) wrote:

>Much has been written about the atrocities and horrors of the
>Rehabilitation Project Force. But no one has ever stated the simple truth
>that underlies everything else ever written or said about it.
>This truth is so obvious--once anyone begins to look--that it is
>inescapable and undeniable.
>By its very obviousness, like "The Purloined Letter," it has been
>repeatedly overlooked. And that simple truth is this:
>          The Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) is not
>          a creation of L. Ron Hubbard.

If anyone is responsible for anything in this world then the RPF is
Hubbard's creation. There, now someone has stated the simple truth.

>The very first issue, Flag Order 3434, entitled "The Rehabilitation Project
>Force," is not written by L. Ron Hubbard.

It was written by LRH Pers Comm Ken Urquhart pursuant to Hubbard's
order, and the FO text was approved by Hubbard.

Hubbard assigned people to the RPF personally and arbitrarily, and was
the only person who could arbitrarily remove people from the RPF.

>That first issue, though, states the basic lie upon which all else was
>built. The lie is this: "The RPF has been created by the Commodore... ."

The RPF was concocted and ordered into existence by L. Ron Hubbard.

>There is no independent verification for this patently false assertion. It
>is simply a bald, bold, unsubstantiated lie, and in its audacity, it has
>never been questioned.

It is never questioned, until you have exercized your right to do so,
because it is such an obvious fact that questioning it would be
embarrassingly foolish.

>The Rehabilitation Project Force was created and is perpetuated by squirrel

That part you got right.

>In 1980, a new defining issue, Flag Order 3799--also entitled "The
>Rehabilitation Project Force""--was put out by cowards so cowardly that the
>only claim of authorship on that issue is a triple generality: "The Boards
>(plural) of Directors (plural) of the Churches (plural) of Scientology."

Yep, that part right too. Cowards so cowardly.

>The purpose of the "Rehabilitation Project Force" was never
>"rehabilitation;" it was a necessary expedient that could be used to get
>rid of the most able and dedicated Scientologists without overtly kicking
>them out. It was also carefully constructed to cripple those who "stuck it
>out," subjecting them to fear drive, and to the squirreliest possible
>"processing"--actually just a form of Black Dianetics guaranteed to reduce
>their self-determinism, and to get them to eventually knuckle under to
>suppression masquerading as "Scientology."

Yep, more cowardly concoctions by Hubbard & Co.

>The current leadership of Scientology doesn't respond to complaints about
>the RPF, because it is one of their most valuable tools in keeping the
>chattle in line while they methodically destroy the name and reputation of
>L. Ron Hubbard and of Scientology, and it serves the double duty of
>creating exactly the kind of bad public relations for Scientology that is
>their mission.

It's true these present leaders destroy the name and reputation of
Hubbard and $cn; but it's also true that Hubbard did his share to
destroy his own reputation and that of the organization he set up to
carry out his purposes.

>Of course they will not dismantle the RPF; it is their proudest creation.

They would be very wise to ban the RPF and repudiate the Hubbard
thinking that brought that stupid slave unit into existence.

>Critics of L. Ron Hubbard, the man, have rightfully decried this
>abomination called the RPF, but have wrongly attributed its creation to L.
>Ron Hubbard, without ever bothering to confirm whether or not he created it.

Both things are true. The RPF is an abomination, and Hubbard created
it. He also used it once created for his own personal, unethical

>They will likely attack this expose, and continue (without evidence to back
>it up) to insist that L. Ron Hubbard created the RPF. But all they will
>ever be able to do is assert it, and in doing so, they will join ranks with
>the cowardly liar who asserted that "The Commodore" created it in the first

He created it in the first place. Lots of us are cowardly liars, but
asserting that Hubbard created the RPF does not make anyone a liar, a
coward or a cowardly liar.

>Critics of Scientology, the philosophy, have rightfully decried this
>abomination called the RPF, but they, also, have wrongly attributed its
>creation to L. Ron Hubbard. They, also, may attack this expose, but they
>may be willing to at least consider the truth.

And now it is appropriate to ask that you consider the truth in this

>But the creators and perpetrators of this abomination will likely be the
>ones to attack this expose with the greatest vehemence. They will be the
>ones most eager to defend their monstrous creation. They have to. They, who
>would gain the most by abolishing the RPF, will instead send their minions
>to ridicule this expose, to scoff at it, to guess at its source, to try and
>discredit its source.
>But they will not address the issue of whether or not L. Ron Hubbard
>actually created the RPF. They can't. The only thing they can do is assert
>it again and again and again, lie after lie after lie.

Well now you've gone where hardly any sane person dares.

>It isn't yet known exactly who created the RPF. Yet. They made sure they
>were well camouflaged, and they hid--as they continue to hide--behind the
>name of L. Ron Hubbard. It gives them power they will never hope to have on
>their own.

You're right about the present crop of cultmasters hiding behind
Hubbard and his name; but don't forget the rest of their camouflage,
the lawyers, the corporations, the trustees, the directors, the
ecclesiastics, the accountants, the shells, the shills and the
shekels. And don't forget that Hubbard hid behind his own layers of

>But it is believed that their own names have begun, of late, to gain an
>unpredicted, unprecedented, and desperately unwanted (by them) circulation
>and notoriety.

It would be cool if you would be so kind as to post your own name so
that the notoriety can be more equitably shared.

>When they send their minions to decry this, you will know them.

Here I am, one of the merry minions?

>When they and the critics are on the same side in this issue, you will know

That's right. David Miscavige and I, on the same side of this issue:
Yes, L. Ron Hubbard concocted the RPF.


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