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Hubbard wrote a short story entitled "The Dive Bomber," which was
unrelated to the Warner Bros. film "Dive Bomber," for which Hubbard
took wrongful credit.

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Date: 25 February 1999

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>>Dive bomber. By Author Serivces, Inc., derived from or based upon works
>>of L. Ron Hubbard a.k.a. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.
>This is amazing! L. Ron Hubbard did *not* write Dive Bomber. Take a
>look at this extract from the opening pages of "Bare-Faced Messiah":
>----- begin quote -----
>Not long after [Gerry Armstrong] had started work [on an official
>biography of Hubbard], posters appeared in Scientology offices
>announcing the private screening of a 1940 Warner Brothers movie, The
>Dive Bomber, for which Hubbard had written the screenplay. Every
>Scientologist knew that Ron had been a successful Hollywood screenwriter
>before the war and the screening was to raise funds for the defence of
>the eleven Scientologists, including Hubbard's wife, who had been
>indicted in Washington on conspiracy charges. Armstrong decided to help
>by finding out a little more about Ron's contribution to the film, but
>at the library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los
>Angeles he was puzzled to discover that two other writers had been
>credited with the screenplay of The Dive Bomber.
>Armstrong remonstrated with the librarian, then sent a memo to Ron to
>tell him about the mistake in the Academy records. Hubbard replied with
>a cheery note explaining that Warner Brothers had been in such a hurry
>to distribute the movie that it was already in the can before it was
>realized that his name had been left off the credits. He was busy at
>that time, closing up his posh apartment on Riverside Drive in New York
>and getting ready to go to war, so he just told the studio to mail the
>cheque to him at the Explorers Club. After the war, he used the money to
>take a holiday in the Caribbean.
>It was an explanation with which Armstrong was perfectly satisfied
>except for one niggling worry: like all Scientologists, he had been told
>that Ron was blind and crippled at the end of the war and that he had
>only been able to make a recovery because of the power of his mind.
>----- end quote -----
>The only commercially released film with which Hubbard is definitely
>known to have been associated was "The Secret of Treasure Island" (which
>Halliwell's Film Guide savages, incidentally). So are ASI/CST trying to
>claim rights to Warner Brothers' intellectual property? Maybe someone
>should tell WB - don't forget they're part of the same stable as the
>famously suppressive Time Magazine...

Hubbard wrote a short story entitled "The Dive Bomber," which was
unrelated to the Warner Bros. film "Dive Bomber," for which Hubbard
took wrongful credit.

I would bet that the cult cobbled up something here to cover or
justify Hubbard's lie. I say that because of the description used:
"derived from or based upon works of" Hubbard.

The cult has gone to great lengths the past 17 years to make Hubbard's
lies "true." An example would be his being a "blood brother of the
Blackfoot Indians." An aeon after Hubbard had left Montana, perhaps
even after he was dead, the cult found a proud elder of some sort who,
for undisclosed wampum, issued the cult a certificate of little Ronnie's

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