Re: Lurkmonster - OTs can kill with a thought
[25 February 1999]

You are right that it is weird, but not because it is untrue in any
detail; because $cientology in all its details is weird.

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Subject: Re: Lurkmonster - OTs can kill with a thought
Date: 25 February 1999

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>>    OTs can kill with a thought if they wanted to. Is that not true?
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>>From: (Patrick Jost)
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>>Subject: My Scientology story...and why I became a "Knight of Xenu"
>>Date: 17 Mar 1995 17:26:57 GMT
>>Scientology: My Story
>Are you really Dave Bird? (he posted the save story recently). Why
>would you believe this wierd story?

Because it rings absolutely true. Right down to the squinting, chain
smoking ethics officer.

You are right that it is weird, but not because it is untrue in any
detail; because $cientology in all its details is weird.

And it is weird, not wierd; but our wierd speller, you knew that
didn't you?

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>>by Patrick Jost
>>This is my "insider's account" of the time I spent in Scientology. I
>>wrote it because it has been suggested that since I have had no
>>formal training (not true!) that I should not comment on it.
>>Background: My father was in advertising, and had HEAVY "show business"
>>connections. I dabbled in the music business when I was doing some
>>graduate work at UCLA. A "celebrity" friend of the family had mentioned
>>Scientology to me several times; I had never been interested in the
>>talk of engrams and so on, but I WAS interested in claims of increased
>>intelligence and so on. I read the "standard" bio of Hubbard, and
>>decided someone with that background might actually have some
>>useful ideas.
>>As a result, I was "sponsored" (which means I didn't pay for it) for
>>some courses and auditing at the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre.
>>Initially, I found it all very strange and very interesting. I was
>>very popular with the instructors, as I could do "Dear Alice" and
>>some of the other procedures in several foreign languages (I'm
>>a linguist by training and profession).
>>I was declared a "natural clear" and people started to talk to me
>>about a possible "position" in the Guardian's (or is it just Guardian?)
>>Office. To "qualify" for this position, I was given what can best
>>be described (and I'm fudging this a little to avoid any legal
>>hassles) as a "crash course" covering New Era Dianetics through
>>OTIII. I did some solo work, but most of it was with a "tutor"
>>who, I determined later, was also gently probing me on various
>>things to determine my suitability for the GO and probably the
>>Sea Org.
>>Well, I kept "advancing" but nothing happened. I mentioned this
>>several times, and was told that by the time I made OT, that
>>I'd have an IQ of 200 (whatever that means!), perfect recall,
>>and so on. Yes, on occasion I "believed" I was getting some
>>results, but would always decide that I wasn't. I was also
>>hearing stories of "powers" but when I asked for details
>>or demonstrations ("you can fly!?" "show me!") they
>>remained stories.
>>OTIII and events surrounding it were just too much for me. Most
>>readers of this group will know that OTIII describes events
>>in the distant past involving alien beings, space travel,
>>exploding volcanos and so on. I started to object to this
>>on scientific grounds. I also have a good background in
>>archaeology, and was asking some VERY pointed questions
>>about geology, biology, linguistics, and so on.
>>Initially, I was told that I needed more processing, that
>>I had some implants that prevented me from "accepting"
>>the truth; I'd have to do this before my "capabilities"
>>were "released" or some such thing.
>>At about this point, my "sponsor" started to hint that
>>it was time for me to start to pay for my own auditing;
>>it seems that my "complaining" was reaching some of the
>>higher levels and someone who had initially been perceived
>>as a hot recruit was not working out.
>>I found out the cost; I didn't have that sort of money,
>>so I approached my father. We had a long talk...he said,
>>"Let's investigate...what do you know about this man
>>Hubbard?" I showed him the bio, and he found it incredible;
>>he (my father) served with distinction in the Pacific, and
>>just did not accept it. We got copies of Navy records, and
>>sure enough, no command of a corvette squadron, no long
>>list of citations, no mention of serious injuries.
>>The next step was a PI, who checked with George Washington
>>University and Princeton. Hubbard flunked out of GWU (or
>>dropped out...) and never attended Princeton. We found
>>a reference to a Ph.D. from Sequoia University, which was
>>a degree mill.
>>I then allowed an electrical engineer to open my E-Meter and
>>take a look. He explained the Wheatstone Bridge circuit to me,
>>and I accepted that there is no correlation between resistance
>>and "mental mass" (whatever that means).
>>I returned to the Celebrity Centre and had a long talk with
>>my course supervisor. I told her that I had seen no results...
>>not personally, not with anyone else. I told her that I now
>>had serious doubts about Hubbard's background as well as
>>the effectiveness of the E-Meter. I also repeated my list
>>of questions about OTIII.
>>She told me (quite sternly) that I should not investigate
>>Scientology. She told me that a "high level OT" could
>>wipe me out with a thought, and that the Church did not
>>tolerate "snooping around" and the like.
>>She said that I needed to do "an ethics course" and that
>>it would not cost me anything. She said that if I didn't
>>do the course, that I'd be declared an SP and kicked out
>>of Scientology.
>>OK, off to ethics. My first encounter was with the "Director
>>of Communications" of the Celebrity Centre, who also seemed
>>to be the receptionist. She told me that she had gained the
>>ability to speak fluent Spanish through auditing. Well,
>>let me tell you, she could not speak fluent Spanish, in
>>fact, apart from a few expressions, she knew nothing about
>>Spanish. She told me that such accusations were "going
>>to get me into trouble" with the Ethics Officer, who was
>>a "powerful" person.
>>Finally...into the inner sanctum of the ethics officer. The
>>guy was a little runt who wore glasses, squinted and chain
>>smoked. He told me that I had to stop asking questions, stop
>>investigating, stop challenging people's claims of abilities,
>>and so on. He wanted me to sign some forms. I refused. He
>>produced some paperwork, and said that he'd process me for
>>"declaration". I said I didn't care. He then told me that
>>he'd "take care of me" if I kept asking questions. I asked
>>him what that meant. He said that he would certainly hurt
>>me, maybe kill me "with his OT powers" if I did not comply
>>with his demands.
>>At this point, I had a "cognition": Scientology is RUBBISH. I
>>told him about my cognition, wished him well, and got up
>>to leave. He said "you'll never get home...I'll stop you!".
>>I walked out, he followed me, making all sorts of threats.
>>I got to my car, and got out my key. He grabbed me. I turned
>>around, he hit me (not very hard). I said "try that again,
>>and you'd better be Superman". He did, I blocked it, and
>>hit him myself. He picked up a board and swung it at me;
>>I knocked it out of his hands, and hit him a few times
>>until he fell down.
>>This altercation had attracted some attention, and someone
>>had called the police. Within (it seemed) minutes, the parking
>>lot was full of Scientologists, and two police cars and an had
>>ambulance had arrived.
>>I told my version of the story. The EO said I was "a troublemaker
>>who needed to learn some manners". The police asked if I wanted
>>to press charges. I said no, I just need to get home. The EO
>>was taken to the hospital for stitches-he cut his face on
>>the pavement when he fell (I didn't mean to hurt him, but
>>hey...a board?!).
>>A few nights later, I had dinner with my "sponsor"; I didn't
>>know it when I set up the dinner, but two "representatives"
>>from the CoS came along as well.
>>My sponsor didn't get to say more than "hello"; the two
>>CoS reps told me that I had betrayed my sponsor, the
>>Church, Hubbard, my fellow Scientologists, and
>>that I was a criminal. They said I had committed a
>>"high crime" by attacking the Ethics Officer.
>>I was told that the ONLY way "out" was to sign up for
>>the Sea Org-then and there-and promise to pay not only
>>for all of the services I had received, but for what
>>I gathered was about two years of additional training
>>and auditing.
>>I said that I was not going to join the Sea Org, not
>>pay them anything, and not stop asking questions. One
>>of them said "you know, I could kill you right now...
>>with a thought". I said "well, you know, I've been asking
>>for demonstrations for a while now, why don't you just
>>do it and get it over with?"
>>The reply was something like "don't worry, we'll get
>>you when we have to".
>>I said "let me give you some incentive" and poured
>>a glass of water down the front of her blouse. I
>>got up and left the restaurant. Yes, I know it was
>>rude, but I did-and still do-want to see a demonstration
>>of all these powers that I've heard about and been
>>threatened with. I figured a little ice water ought
>>to provoke even an operating thetan into action...
>>And, surprisingly, that's about it. I got an
>>"invoice" from them about two months later,
>>which I ignored.
>>So let's look at what happened...I got no results
>>at all, that's important. If "the tech always works"
>>then something's wrong here. I asked questions, and
>>was accused of heresy (let's not get into the
>>results of my research, but I will say that I think
>>that CoS "history" is a bunch of lies). I was
>>not only threatened, but attacked.
>>To me, false claims, no results, and attacks are
>>not a good combination. The actions of the Church
>>of Scientology are what has set me against it.
>>I welcome any and all comments...
>>Patrick Jost
>>"I notice that we all believe that Venus has a methane atmosphere and
>>is unlivable. I almost got run down by a freight locomotive the other
>>day -- didn't look very uncivilized to me." - L. Ron Hubbard,
>>"Between Lives Implants" lecture, SHSBC #317. 23 July 1963.

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