L. Ron Goodbugger About Homosexuals in $cientology
[25 February 1999]

We've read what John Carmichael had to say on the subject.
How about a little from $ource him$elf.

From: Gerry Armstrong <armstrong@dowco.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: L. Ron Goodbugger About Homosexuals in $cientology
Date: 25 February 1999

We've read what John Carmichael had to say on the subject. How about a
little from $ource him$elf.

Here's a short handwritten order he wrote to the ethics officer WW.


         Tag _any_ Ethics Order on Amprinistics personnel with -
"Never to be given any materials or training or auditing on grades V,
VI, VII and VIII _or to receive any auditing_, all regardless of
amnesties or pleas to reenter Scientology.
         This aplies to anyone joining their group.
         I am putting a short public warning from Ethics SH in Auditor
10 not naming them but asking anyone they contact to inform us.
         See HCO Exec Ltr 27 Sept 65.
         Our policy is not to publicly mention them by name or name
Amprinistics as such. Just to refer to them as a small group led by a
homosexual who was dismissed for homosexuality and theft.
                           Best LRH

[End Quote]

And let's see what HCO Executive Letter of 27 Sept 65 says.


TO:            ORG STAFFS
FROM:        RON


         The latest squirrels are a group headed by an ex-employee in
England who was sacked for homosexuality and theft.


_Treatment_ - They are each fair game, can be sued or harassed. [Jack]
Horner can be barred out of any Commonwealth Country or England as
he was the subject of a deportation order from England and his file has
come alive again in the Home Secretary's Office. Harry Thompson's
wives and victims are always looking for him to have him arrested.
[Edgar] Watson is a set-up for arrest as a homosexual. Any meeting
held by them should be torn up. The names of any persons attending
should be collected and they should be labelled SP as they have left
Scientology. These people are SP because they are seeking to avoid
auditing and retain their withholds. Once labelled, these persons will
not then be covered by amnesty and will never be admitted to further
training or processing. Persons messing themselves up with
Amprinistics self audit and restim should be refused any assistance.
If these persons move into your area act through any agency you can to
have them deported or arrested on any grounds. Horner's UK deportation
order, Thompson's police record and Watson's homosexuality make them
vulnerable to deportation or arrest.


Therefore this is our policy:

         (1) Do not mention the name Amprinistics in public or in our
magazines or issues.

         (2) Harass these persons in any possible way.

         (3) Label publicly "ideas which preach no-auditing as simply
Suppressive Actions to deny people case gains."

         (4) Tear up any meeting held and get names of those attending
and issue SP orders on them and you'll have lost a lot of rats.



[End Quote]

To $cientology, according to this Goodbugger scripture, homosexuality
is a crime for which people should be harassed and prosecuted.

Why he came to be known as Goodbugger is a story which will reveal
much about this insane dramatization of his big inverted missed

(c) Gerry Armstrong

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