Making Light of Black PR, Part 1
[6 March 2000]

Thank you at least for making my efforts so effective. What $cientology PR
means by its statement is, here's a pack of lies about Gerry Armstrong

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Making Light of Black PR, Part 1
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 08:12:42 GMT
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On Fri, 25 Feb 2000 23:39:17 GMT, wrote:

>Since he posts to this newsgroup a lot (especially lately), here are
>some facts about Gerry Armstrong you should be aware of:

Thank you at least for making my efforts so effective. What
$cientology PR means by its statement is, here's a pack of lies about
Gerry Armstrong, which $cientology's nanotyrant David Miscavige has
ordered be posted pursuant to his basic policies of fair game and
black propaganda. Actually, PR's words are DM's words precisely, and,
to borrow from the SPs, everybody knows it.

I am not ungrateful that DM had his $cientology organization itself
post this black PR, because it helps to lay to rest the organization's
lie that the material on its "parishioners" hate site is not
$cientology sponsored. More precisely DM sponsored. I wish he'd
communicate and not make things so scary for everyone, but then, heh,
if postulates were horses, downstats would ride.

>Armstrong is currently in Canada, having fled the United States because
>there is a warrant out for his arrest in California.

In early 1997, it is true, I did leave the US and go to Canada. But I
did not do so because of any warrant for my arrest. What triggered my
decision to leave was my discovery on the net that in obtaining its
1993 tax exemption $cientology had submitted 4 pages of black PR on me
to the IR$
Check out God bless
you Maureen Garde, wherever you are. [Note: the page previously located on
Maureen Garde's site may now be found here: ]

Not many days after my discovery of the submission, which contained
other false statements and black PR on other targets of the cult as
well, I was served with a subpoena for production of documents by
Grady Ward in his litigation. As scary as that was, and as much
trouble as responding would be, I was glad to get subpoenaed for
documents, because it indicated that someone (Grady in this instance)
wanted to hear from me enough to go to all that trouble, and because
I'm glad to help anybody against $cientology even if they don't
subpoena me.

Within a short time of being served, I received a fax letter from San
Francisco cult attorney Andrew Wilson threatening prosecution if I
produced the documents Grady had subpoenaed. I wrote a declaration
about Wilson's threat and my legal circumstances in order to make the
threat understandable, and sent the declaration to Judge Whyte who
presided over Grady's case. I also served the declaration on the three
defendants in the $cientology litigations before Judge Whyte and on
$cientology's attorney. Because of its length, rather than include
this declaration, which was posted to a.r.s. in late January, 1997, in
this response, I'll post it separately as "Making Light of Black PR
Part 2, January 26, 1997 Armstrong Declaration for RTC v. Ward."

$cientology filed these false statements about me in their IRS Form
1023 responses while they had me supposedly gagged and unable to
respond to the lies in the submission. In addition, $cientology had
failed to produce this black PR to me in discovery in the cases in
which they had sued me, although this material was completely relevant
to my defenses. DM's billion dollar tax exemption depends on silencing
me. It is reasonable to accept as true that there is no crime someone
connected to $cientology's billions will not commit to protect that
billion dollar fleecing of America and the world.

Having negligible resources, being already bankrupted by $cientology,
already enjoined, unable to "legally" respond to $cientology's
black PR or correct the lies, and being in a jurisdiction where the misguided,
clueless, blackmailed or bribed judge who had signed $cientology's
injunction would sign whatever $cientology wanted, I left California
and went to Canada. In Canada I am free to communicate about $cientology
because in Canada $cientology is known to be what it is, a criminal cult.

In my opinion, supported by both fact and law, $cientology's injunction is
legally unenforceable and illegal. I have held that position since its issuance,
and no one has successfully argued $cientology's position. The judge committed
several errors, and acted improperly toward my attorney Ford Greene and myself
personally. I stated the reasons why I believe the injunction is legally
unenforceable and illegal and why the judge erred in not permitting me a trial
to prove my case in my opening brief in the appeal I took from the injunction.
I posted the brief to a.r.s. in August, 1997, and because of its length, I'll repost
it separately now as "Making Light of Black PR Part 3, Appellant's Opening
Brief in C$I v. Armstrong."

The improper way that Ford and I were dealt with throughout the
period my case was in front of this judge through and past the nutty
injunction, which is even counter to $cientology's own "creed,"and
which so obviously and impermissibly violated my Constitutionally
guaranteed freedoms of religion, speech, association, and thought, my
freedom from slavery, and my right to due process, led me to the
conclusion that he was, as I mentioned, misguided, clueless,
blackmailed or bribed, or perhaps a combination thereof.

Five months *after* I left California, and *without my being served
with $cientology's moving papers,* the cult got this same, as I say,
misguided, clueless, blackmailed or bribed judge to sign their order
for me to be arrested and jailed. Even though I've pointed out this
lie in several filed documents which have been served on $cientology,
DM continues to tell it in his black PR attacks. He also has his
lawyers continue, right up to this date, to repeat it in their court
filings. It really is stupid, but their stupidity, after all, is
what, in their stupidity, makes them dangerous.

It's such an obvious stupid lie, but DM's agents tell stupid lies not
just because they want someone to believe them (in my case often a
judge) but to scare people with their willfulness. That's a key
factor in black PR's intended effect. Willful liars signal to their
target that they're dangerous by telling willful lies. Hubbard
practiced willful lying. DM is a pathological willful liar. The
lawyers he hires, from my experience in 18 years of them, must be
willful liars for him. When you go into court and you know
$cientology's lawyers will willfully lie you are meant to be scared.

The "violation" of the injunction for which I was, without service,
found in contempt and sentenced to jail, was for sending my
declaration about being threatened by cult attorney Wilson to Judge
Whyte after I *was* served in the Ward case. It was completely lawful
for me to report $cientology's effort to obstruct and subvert justice
in the Whyte court. And, any California State Court order which
prevents the reporting of obstruction and subversion of justice in
*any* court, let alone a Federal District Court, is completely unlawful.

>He was ordered to pay $650,000 to the Church and was held in
>contempt for repeatedly contravening court orders concerning
>spreading his lies about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology to the

It is true that this California State judge did order me to pay
$cientology $650K, but not for contravening court orders and not for
spreading lies about cult founder Hubbard and his cult to the media. I
was ordered to pay all that money *for telling the truth.* David
Miscavige and his cultists for obvious reasons won't admit that
they've spent millions to suppress and jail me for telling the truth,
so they invented and spread, and continue to spread, this gargantuan
libel that the injunction or any other order prevents me from telling

The fact is that I am legally permitted to lie. I am just not
"permitted" by the California Superior Court to tell the truth. The
court order prevents me from recounting my experiences and knowledge
of $cientology and Hubbard. If I recounted something which was not my
experience, not my knowledge, and therefore not the truth, it would
not be covered by the order; only the truth is.

>He was convicted of 14 separate counts of contempt, which
>means 28 days in jail and a $10,000 bond held over his head if
>he returns to California.

There will come a time when I do return to California and do get the
whole matter corrected. In the meantime, what DM and his cult have
done serves as perfect, undeniable proof that $cientology's actual
policies and practices, contrary to the cult's PR statements, are
suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of
assembly, freedom of religion and due process, and the advancement of

For every post I make here on a.r.s. the cult claims $50,000 in
liquidated damages plus jail time and fines. Additionally, the cult
claims the same penalties for every mention I make of $cientology in
any conversation with anyone anywhere, even with a doctor, minister or
therapist. So it isn't just 28 days in jail and $10,000. It actually
amounts to several lifetimes in jail and hundreds of millions of
dollars. The cult has also claimed that the $50,000 is for *every
recipient* of my communications, thus their monetary damages claim
would actually be in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, or up in
the quadrillions. I communicate all that I do communicate in part just
to demonstrate how ridiculous the cult's claims are and how nuts the
California judge was to acquiesce to the cult's suppressively
ridiculous claims.

The $50,000 per utterance, which need be nothing more than saying the
word "$cientology," is in the form of "liquidated damages." The cult
need not show, in this California judge's opinion, that they are
damaged in any way by what I say, that there is any relationship at
all between the $50,000 and any "damages" they may have
"suffered," or that the $50K figure was arrived at by any
negotiations whatsoever. These factors alone invalidate the judge's
judgment. See "Making Light of Black PR Part 3, Appellant's Opening
Brief in C$I v. Armstrong"posted separately for a fuller discussion
of the "liquidated damages" issue.

David Miscavige must take his monetary awards against me and the
court's orders jailing me as huge wins. After all, he has spent millions
of dollars of $cientology's tax exempt money to obtain them. And after all,
it gives him an opportunity to spread more black PR about me, like this
post from his "Public Relations." But in the back of his mind,
and in every $cientologist's mind, is the terrible worry that their efforts
to silence and destroy me are the biggest of footbullets. Knowing this,
however, I also know that I am at great physical risk, because DM's only
way out, other than admitting his suppressive acts and the complete failure
of his suppressive acts, is my death. And that too is why I am in Canada
at this time. I have no reason to die on the cult's turf in California, or in
a California prison with a bunch of Crimintologists, and for now at least
I have too many good reasons to live elsewhere.

>During the Gulf War, Armstrong once posted a message on the Internet
>concerning a letter he sent to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War.

It really doesn't matter how petty it is, it seems, DM and his
$cientologists just have to get a lie in somehow. During the Gulf War
I did not post my letter to Saddam to the internet. Nor did I post
anything else to the internet. I only posted my communications about
the Middle East crisis to a.r.s. after Miscavige had his $cientology
black PR agents attack me with their perversion of those
communications. These communications are available on dejanews if
anyone wants them.

>In the letter, he offered himself to Hussein as a hostage in the Iraqi
>war. "If either side failed to perform any part of the agreement, the
>other side could execute me," he concluded. Armstrong makes clear in
>his posting that he did not think the letter to Hussein was a joke. He
>is deadly serious, and quite proudly republishes it and other similar

DM has the $cientology cult make a big PR deal of its big PR "aims,"
which include "a world without war." $cientology has recently had
celebrity cultist John Travolta exalting its "aims." The insincerity
of these "aims" is shown, however, by DM having the cultists attack
me for my humble attempt to do something to prevent the Gulf War slaughter.
It was a stupid war in which an estimated quarter of a million people were
killed, and immense environmental damage done for utterly stupid reasons.
I offered another alternative to all the death and damage.

Of course my offer mocks the people who make war, who torture and
kill. Of course my writings on the subject to Saddam and other world
leaders during that period are tinged with humor. But I was serious. I
figured that I would be heartbroken, but was willing to submit to
execution if my offer had been accepted.

Interestingly, there is pretty good evidence that huge amounts of
money have come from arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi to $cientology via his
wife Lamia. With its fair game doctrine, its black propaganda, its
third party "technology," DM's $cientology does not aim for a world
without war, but rather generates conflict and benefits from it.

>To further demonstrate how out of touch he is with reality (or cynical -
>- take your pick), Armstrong had himself photographed by a newspaper
>naked in a newspaper while holding a globe to promote his theories of
>destroying all money.

DM and his cultists know with absolute certainty that I wasn't
photographed naked by any newspaper and didn't appear naked in any
newspaper. In a face-to-face conversation with Mike Rinder in 1994 he
acknowledged that he and DM's $cientology knew I wasn't naked in the
newspaper photo. (See )

Rinder also acknowledged during this conversation, with attorney Ford
Greene and one of DM's underlings Mike Sutter also present, that
$cientology's attacks on me were not "dead agenting" but *black PR.*
Rinder stated moreover that $cientology was not going to stop black
PRing me until I shut up. I haven't shut up and $cientology hasn't
stopped black PRing me.

>This was when he was trying to get out from under a suit for
>having fraudulently conveyed his assets. He had to make it
>look like more than a common scam.

Actually it is DM and his $cientology cultists who, for their base
purposes, and in dramatization of their "criminal minds," are trying
to make an unrelated and completely innocent act into a common scam.
Again, I am not ungrateful for this latest black PR because it starts
my defamation statutes of limitation running all over again.

I have written several things about this subject, and because the cult
black PRed my writings even on a.r.s. I posted a basic pack of them
here to provide the truth underlying the black PR. I provided these
writings initially to the cult in discovery in a "fraudulent
conveyance" case they filed against me in 1993, and the cultists have
subsequently used them for all sorts of black PR. I'll repost,
separately because of its length, what I earlier posted on this
subject, with the title "Making Light of Black PR Part 4, OUR

As part to my response to this $cientology black PR, I'm posting
separately, as "Making Light of Black PR Part 5, January 13, 1994
Armstrong Declaration in C$I v. Armstrong," a declaration I wrote and
filed in Marin Superior Court, Case No. 157680. This declaration,
which I've never posted before, provides a look into my life
circumstances, legal circumstances and state of mind during the period
my idea for the Organization of United Renunciants developed.

I am well aware that the idea of moving society off the money standard
is easily viewable as hare-brained. In fact I include it in one of my
book in progress, "My Hare-Brained Schemes."(R) Nevertheless, I
believe the idea has merit, and I believe it can be achieved. I also
know that so far very few people share my vision. The beauty of the
idea is that all that is required for it to succeed is for a
relatively small number of people, who share a vision, do nothing.
Thus I don't get too overwrought if life goes on as it always has,
even though I feel for the good people oppressed by the way things
are. OUR idea is the best I've seen for dealing with society's bigger
problems, and I keep my eyes open for any ideas that might be out
there, or even here.

Whatever my ideas are, however, if they're hare-brained or visionary
or coldly practical, they are not, as David Miscavige and his
$cientology cultists insist, inventions to get out from under the
cult's lawsuits. No human being could have postulated all the events,
particles and predicates necessary to make what has transpired be his
invention. The reality of what Miscavige attacks and lies about is
beyond him.

$cientology claims to be the most brilliantly organized of all
organizations. This organization has policies, directives, programs,
projects and orders for every conceivable task or activity, and
thousands of highly organized and compliant personnel executing
exactly each and every line of every order, which has been word-
cleared, demoed and drilled . But this organization and its regimented
troops cannot deal with, nor even grasp, "that which comes
on randomly," that which can't be organized, the free thought of free
beings. The war with $cientology is between organization, which
enslaves, and the random, which liberates.

>Yes, there is no doubt that Armstrong can be calculating and
>conniving. In former days, he hatched a plot to seize the Church's
>assets in collaboration with LA CID agents.

What there is no doubt of is that DM and his cultists are pathological
liars. There was no plot by anyone to seize organization assets in
collaboration with the IRS, except perhaps what DM himself may have
done in the 1990's. The 1984 plot he tries to hang on me was hatched
by the cultists themselves. I think that Xenu TV may have the
"Armstrong Operation" videotapes, which were illegally made by DM, his
pet PI Eugene M. Ingram, Mike Rinder and other $cientology cultists,
and which show I was just the pigeon in their plot.

>When the Church found out about this, its attorneys obtained
>permission from a Los Angeles police officer to conduct an
>investigation into Armstrong's plans.

The cult didn't "find out" about anything because DM and his cult O$A
personnel, along with Ingram concocted the whole operation. The cult
paid a dirty LA PD officer Phillip Rodriguez to sign a number of phony
"authorizations" directing the eavesdropping on my attorney Mike Flynn
and me. LA PD Chief Daryl Gates called the "authorizations" "invalid
and unauthorized," and the dirty cop was suspended from the force.


April 23, 1985


It has come to my attention that a member of the L.A.P.D. very
foolishly, without proper authorization and contrary to the policy of
this Department, signed a letter to Eugene M. Ingram, believed to have
been drafted by Ingram himself. The letter purports to authorize
Ingram to engage in electronic eavesdropping. The letter, along with
all the purported authorization, is invalid and is NOT a
correspondence from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not cooperated with Eugene
Ingram. It will be a cold day in hell when we do.

I have directed an official letter to Ingram informing him that the
letter signed by Officer Phillip Rodriguez dated November 7, 1984, and
all other letters of purported authorizations directed to him, signed
by any member of the Los Angeles Police Department, are invalid and

Internal Affairs Division is now investigating the entire incident.

[End Quote]

>The investigation caught Armstrong on videotape stating that
>he intended to forge and then plant incriminating documents on
>Church premises, to be discovered in a subsequent raid.

This never happened, and DM knows it never happened.

>When challenged on how he would obtain proof of the allegations
>he intended to make, he responded, "We don't have to prove a
>Goddamned thing.

DM knows that this never happened as well.

>We don't have to prove s__t. We just have to allege it."

DM continues to have his cultists make this false charge because he
himself made it in a sworn declaration which he filed in the Fishman
case to prevent his deposition from being taken, and because he is and
his cultists are pathological liars. They have lied about so many
things they are trapped by their lies. They know they're liars and
they know when they're lying, but they have lost the necessary hope,
courage and conscience to tell the truth. They are faced with two
choices: tell the truth, or destroy the people they're lying about.
They have no experience in telling the truth, so we all must be very,
very careful out there. Fortunately, DM and his cult liars have lied
about so many of us that there now is no way they can destroy us all.

I provided the truth behind DM's "allegation" lie, which he has had
his "Public Relations" entity repeat here, in two declarations I wrote
in February, 1994 for filing in the Fishman litigation. I posted these
declarations to a.r.s. some months back, and I'll repost them now as
"Making Light of Black PR Part 6, Armstrong Declarations re Miscavige

>So now he sits in Canada. His entire contribution to the world
>apparently is to continue to "allege it."

What a silly statement, DM! Your attack makes my contributions to the
world relevant, significant and worthy.

This whole document from $cientology's Public Relations is defamation
per se. The damage is not that the sane people here who know me will
be turned against me. The damage is that the $cientologists, already
rendered mentally stunted by the tech, and already under the
domination of DM and his controlling cabal, are turned against me. I
am made an enemy in their minds by DM. This public relations poster,
who sent this black PR for DM, has been fed these lies, acts as if he
or she believes these lies, and forwards these lies. Every
$cientologist has been told these lies. No $cientologist comes forward
to protest DM's and $cientology's lies about me. They have all, even
Enzo, been brought to hate me by the lies of David Miscavige and his
clique which controls $cientology and $cientologists. In that
atmosphere of hatred, generated by Miscavige and his cohorts, it then
becomes acceptable, even laudable, to commit any crime fair game

David Miscavige knows what he's doing. He is behind every lie told by
$cientology. It is up to him to end the lies and black PR and the
hatred. Or it is up to $cientologists to rise up and take back their
personal intergity and put an end to him and his sick regime. It is up
to wogs (R) to demonstrate $cientology's utter failure and collapse.

© 2000 Gerry Armstrong


Copyright © Gerry Armstrong - All Rights Reserved.