Re: Failure is a given -- no matter who pays
[30 January 2001]

$cientology is in opposition to God.

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Subject: Re: Failure is a given -- no matter who pays
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:16:21 -0800
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On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:30:25 +0100, ©Anti-Cult® -

>Think about it, Mr. Sargent. Do some study on the past
>couple of years.
>You may not be shelling out your own money, I don't know.
>But no matter whose money it is -- its a poor investment.
>Failure for you is a given.

Yes, whatever $cientology conceives of, aside (they think) from God,
will be a failure.

$cientology is in opposition to God.

Big deal you say? After all people have been in opposition to God
since, when, the Garden of Eden?

But $cientology is "organized" to oppose God; indeed it calls itself
"an organized body of knowledge." They call it "scientific," the
"result of one man's research;" research, they say, into the mind and
spirit of man, the "science of life." They call it an "applied
philosophy," a "church," a "religion" for God's sake, a dessert
topping. For what purpose? Solely to oppose God.

If they are successful they will be as OTs. There are no OTs (although
I wouldn't put it past them investing in human genetic entity
engineering labs), thus it can be concluded that opposing God is
without effect. Which makes sense, since opposing God, when you think
about it, is impossible. Wherever you go there He is.

Since $cientologists are not permitted to think for themselves, they
don't think about it. And thinking about $cientology's opposition to
God is in $cientology not allowed. Neither is, of course, thinking
about $cientology's war on God's Children.

Part of any opposition to God, or war on His Children, is the denial
of its existence. I think there are in the organization's core a body
of extremely willful people who, like Hubbard, know consciously that
they are opposing God Himself. Any $cientologists who do not want any
longer to oppose God or war with wogs (R) should get away from any
influence by these people and their organization. Folks at the Lisa
McPherson Trust understand.

God loves Travis and all $cientologists so He has $cientology fail and
fail and fail. The $cientologists, as directed by $cientology, have
their "wins" and "gains" in their opposition to God as they fight
along their "bridge to total freedom." These wins and gains, however,
are all illusions, and God allows anyone to have any illusion he
wants, because they don't threaten reality.

Sten-Gun, your barrel was smoking when you fired off this fusilade.

>I did a little reading in What is ARSCC [wdne]?
>ARSCC [wdne] continues to expand yearly. Greater expansion each year.
>In 1994, it was in one country. Today it is over 300 countries.

Oh it's true. People speaking how many languages can now read a.r.s.
every second of the day?

>It spans the globe.
>What do individuals say they have achieved from ARSCC [wdne]?

Well, at long last, I could communicate to anyone on any subject. F/N

>The list is long. Here are a couple points:
>Happier relationships. Increased creativity.

Great love affairs.

>Fewer problems in life.

Not opposing God helps.

>Increased happiness.


>Increased ability to understand others.

Wogs (R) and clams are always welcome in my heart.

>And the list keeps growing.
>And who millions thank for this? Xenu our saviour of course!

!                          !
!        Thank God         !
!           For            !
!          Xenu            !

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