Re: Scientology doesn't have enough money
[30 January 2001]

GA answers the question, "What are Scientology's backers going to do
when Scientology fails to deliver?"

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Subject: Re: Scientology doesn't have enough money
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:19:32 -0800
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On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:32:59 +0100, ©Anti-Cult® -

>Think about it. How much money will it take to do the impossible?

Oh, oh, I can hear the clams snapping out of $cientology.

>I don't know if it is actually Scientologys money. These attempts to
>stop what can't be stopped get funded from all sorts of strange
>sources. But if it isn't their money, what are the backers going to do
>when Scientology fails to deliver?

They'll pour in even more money. They'll bankrupt themselves, and all
their friends and family. They'll do what they've always done because
$cientology has never delivered. It can never deliver. $cientology
can't even destroy God's Children, let alone destroy God. But to die
in the attempt, the insane think, will make themselves OT. If God
doesn't squash them like a bug in their opposition to Him, the insane
think, they must be more willful, and do more to oppose him. By making
themselves unlovable, they think, they can make themselves cause over
God by moving Him to hate them. And of course He never does.

>I mean a story about space aliens, and body thetans, shows that
>Scientology is not tracking with reality too well.

But it sure keeps their minds off God. Which, in a religion, is one
hell of a trick.


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