Re: Scientology's for hire losers
[30 January 2001]

Being a $cientologist is committing a continuous present time overt.

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
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Subject: Re: Scientologys for hire losers
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:41:14 -0800
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On 29 Jan 2001 17:43:19 GMT, (Hint711) wrote:

> Have you noticed anyone else solve a problem by committing an overt?

Yes, all of $cientology tries to do that. All of $cientology is an
overt. Being a $cientologist is committing a continuous present time
overt. Its solution, dictated by Hubbard, to every problem is attack!

The good thing, and you can thank God for this, overts, or sins, or
whatever you call them, are without effect. So why bother?

(c) Gerry Armstrong

> <4gba7tkhutscpjasj5fldnbo44r9hog7up@ARSCC.Sweden.Dep.OSA.Surveillance>
>>Travis Sargent, Dan Bryenton, Madeline Paradise etc.
>>On the Scientology payroll everyone.
>>They couldn't succeed before so now they are being paid with free
>>brainwashing courses
>>Doesn't Scientology realize that they are doing nothing more than paying
>>losers to lose.
>>Think about it.
>>Come on guys I am sure you know the datum: you get what you pay for.
>>You lose. Scientology pays you. What's Scientology going to get?


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