Re: World Bankers (Shameless CoS Spam Attack)
[2 February 2001]

If they did something different it wouldn't be $cientology.

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
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Subject: Re: World Bankers (Shameless CoS Spam Attack)
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:07:23 -0800
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On Fri, 2 Feb 2001 02:08:36 -0700, "HouseSpider"
( wrote:

>>Milton was just a wanabe world banker. I bet he has his
>Can't you people just defend yourselves for once instead of just attacking
>your critics?

If they did something different it wouldn't be $cientology.

Hubbard gave them only one option: Attack, attack, attack!

Check it out. Come on all you clams, what other option does Hubbard
give you for handling criticism?

Yeah right, None!

$cientologists, to be $cientologists, have no other tech than attack
tech. Hubbard gives them no choice. Either attack, or, by doing
anything other than attack, be attacked yourself.

> All you do is illustrate the critic's points.

That has become $cientologists' role in life: to illustrate their
critics' points. That's the benefit of having such a robotic, to say
nothing of insane, solution to life's problems: Attack!

> When asked about how much LRH made off Scientology you attack
>Minton's banking practices.

That is the First Law of $cientology. Following, of course, the One
Command: Attack!

The complete First Law of $cientology states: Accuse wogs (R) of
whatever you're guilty of, or intend to be guilty of."

> Someone asks you folks about Lisa McPherson and you call Stacy
>Brooks a whore. If Bunker films you guys out front of the Boston Org it
>must be because he's a failed actor. Jesse's demonstrating? It must be
>because he's trying to divert attention from his international drug cartel.
>In the words of Tori, "Stand up for yourselves! Show some back-bone for
>crying out loud!"

A call for backbone for $cientologists is very sensible. Clams are
these mushy things hiding in a hard shell.

They know that if they do anything other than what they're told, and
the only thing they're told to do is attack, that they will be
themselves be attacked. They know how insane and ruthless the clam
cult's attacks are because they're the clam cultists who have been
doing the insane and ruthless attacking. They know they're cowards,
because only cowards would solve every problem by attacking, so they
know they lack the backbone to stand up and do something other than

!                        !
!      $cientology       !
!      Makes Clams       !
!      As Spineless      !
!      As Jellyfish      !

Nevertheless, because there is no other choice for $cientology this
side of annihilation, they must cease attacking, the must quit
dramatizing the First Law of $cientology, they must develop backbones
and they must stand up. That's why we kick their crutch out from
underneath them.

(c) Gerry Armstrong

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