Re: Handling OSA
[2 February 2001]

O$A is an intelligence network, which uses all the tricks of the intelligence trade.

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
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Subject: Re: Handling OSA
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:49:17 -0800
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On 2 Feb 2001 18:04:29 -0000, Centurion ( wrote:

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>OSA checklist for handling "entheta" on ARS
>1) Feign affinity and agreement. Agree with entheta terminal's
>likes and dislikes. Run gentle 8-C as necessary.

Wag the wog (R).

>2) If A-R-C per #1 not possible, attempt to repel entheta
>terminal by giving it lots of what it dislikes.

Kick the wog (R).

>3) If terminal not responsive per #2, conscript allies.

Get others to kick the wog (R). "The bank follows the line of attack."

> Announce
>entheta as originating from opposition terminal or Org. E.g.
>"[Name of Entheta terminal] is OSA."

Confuse wogs (R) into kicking the wog (R). Hopeful have him killed by
friendly boots.

>4) If audience doesn't swallow #4, alter entheta terminal's


>messages or create discreditable messages and post via a similar

Frame the wog (R). Sabotage the wog (R). Well, cover all bases, fair
game the wog (R).

>5) If conscripts don't respond per #3, confuse identities. Rumor


>that entheta terminal and his failed handlers are one in the same
>person. E.g. Ralph Dorian is ptsc.

O$A is nuts. I've been ptsc from the day I escaped from the cult in

But yes, O$A is an intelligence network, which uses all the tricks of
the intelligence trade. Fortunately, they are handicapped by having to
work for, front for and defend a completely worthless psychotech and

$cientology is at its core an espionage cult. It is based on something
it calls "total espionage," taken from a book with that title. What
O$A is actually working and fronting for and defending is
$cientology's espionage apparatus. The psychotech and philosophy are a
cover for espionage.

(c) Gerry Armstrong

>On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:36:12 -0700, in Message-ID:
>&$60;>, Bob Dobbs
> ( wrote:
>>Let me get this straight - you laugh, saying they can only
>>criticize you by messing with your writing?
>The posts from . . .
>Ralph Dorian (
> . . . are examples.
>"Messed with" probably by Ted "ptsc" Corinthian or Mike "unusual"
>These guys aren't satisfied with reasoning, insistence, and name
>calling. They have to take my material and twist it. Or they just
>post through the above addresses in a way that they hope
>>How else could they criticize you - mock
>>the sound of your voice and haircut?
>I know, I'm not giving them much choice.
>;-) I'm not much concerned about it. It's just a sign that
>they're losing.
>>As your writing is the only thing anyone sees of you
>>here, it would be presumptuous to criticize you for much else.
>You don't seem to get it, Bob. They're posting garbage under fake
>addresses in hopes it will be perceived as mine.
>>Please examine your statements before you hit that send button.
>This is my Address: (
>This is my PGP fingerprint: 222E 252F C976 52F4 B575
>CC27 4529 DCC0 1A7A 3ECA
>Please examine message headers and pgp signature before assuming
>it's me.
>>Maybe people will stop thinking of you as such a
>>ridiculous anus trying so hard to shit, but not even
>>mustering a fart with any stink to it.
>You trying to apply #2 per OSA checklist above?
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