Re: Other Italians ripped off at Flag
[3 March 2001]

$cientology under Hubbard and $cientology under DM has been a steady, rentless
march, driven by greed and the evil necessary to dominate and abuse people...

From: Gerry Armstrong <>
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Subject: Re: Other Italians ripped off at Flag
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 11:02:22 -0800
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On Sat, 03 Mar 2001 09:11:16 -0500, Ed ( wrote:
>(I can't copy this text, perhaps because it is HTML-ized, or I would
>post it here..)
>In this affidavit by a former Class XII top Flag auditor who
>specialized in French, Spanish and Italian pcs, he describes numerous
>horror stories of people like Maria Pia Gardini. (Maria isn't
>mentioned in it.)
>Here are some Italians mentioned in this account: Franceso Da
>Pasquale, Antonella Peghin, Maria Saltamerenda, Laura Biancolini or
>Loredana (wife of Adnan Khashogi, wealthy Saudi arms dealer, etc.),
>Mauro Cinquepalmi, also an unidentified female Italian staff who went
>wildly psycho and permanently damaged herself in suicide attempts.
>Maria Saltamerenda was described as the divorced wife of the Italian
>equivalent of Johnny Carson. She lost $2 million in a horror story of
>comparable magnitude to Maria Pia Gardini's.
>The pattern that's clear is that Scn has long since turned 180 degrees
>away from old LRH policies which emphasized a balance between "Dissem"
>and "Public Division"

It isn't a turn around. $cientology under Hubbard and $cientology
under DM has been a steady, rentless march, driven by greed and the
evil necessary to dominate and abuse people, in one direction until
this very moment.

The only 180 degrees for $cientology, which can never now be for
Hubbard, must start with the cessation of the march, the turning off
of the machine.

$cientology has only two choices. It must fight on, defending its
unalterable madness and suppression; or its people must rise up and
shut the insane system down. Just stop it. Stop everything.

Nothing would happen. Nobody really would go insane if he or she, some
half-assed OT or another, doesn't get its auditine.

Stop doing $cientology, $cientologists.

>-- Dissem Div. 2 sells things to existing
>customers, Public Div 6 gets inand sells to brand new people -- to a
>large focus on ripping off easy rich people like Maria. It is so
>awesomely more efficient to gang up on a vulnerable person with
>zillions of dollars than to take lots of people for small amounts,
>especially now that the general public are turned off from Scn
>everywhere except in the third world.
>There may still be a few tens of thousands of Scns left, but a very
>few thousand (at most) wealthy people supply most of the energy to the

Yep, that's it. And just wait until all these wealthy folks wake up to
what the crime cult really does with their money. Oh some of them know
because they're the pack of weathy criminal $cientologists who get to
do really dirty shit with the cult. But there have been a great number
of wealthy, influential people like Maria Gardini who have been
defrauded and abused by the crime cult, just because they were
trusting and vulnerable wealthy people.

I have never experienced the sensation of rampant panic and fear
coming from the $cientology cult so elevated as in the past 48 hours.
I think everyone's patience in the stand against $cientology is being

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