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Re: Gerald Armstrong Sentenced [25 June 1997]
Within a day or so of my receipt of Grady's subpoena, I received
a letter from Scientology attorney Andrew Wilson threatening me if
I produced any documents pursuant to Grady's subpoena.

Call for Amici in Armstrong Appeal [25 June 1997]
I have received the record on appeal in my case.

Re: RI-895i Plato and Koos - L. Ron Hubbard, The difference [26 June 1997]
God is the LFBD-F/N Item (answer) to every properly asked L&N question.

Is there not a cause? [26 June 1997]
This post contains the following six documents and a few additional
comments at the end:

Re: Is there not a cause? [29 June 1997]
Miscavige's purpose for making people stupid is to control them for
his stupid purposes and have them do stupid things...

Re: German TV crew in US. Story on cult police incident [30 June 1997]
DM, and Hubbard before him, their core cultists and hired outside thugs, operate
on a fundamental doctrine: " We will do whatever we can get away with."

Re: Personnel of Flag in 1975 [30 June 1997]
A comment from Gerry about BASE PERSONNEL ORDER IR-2

Re: Personnel of Flag in 1975 [30 June 1997]
More comments re: BASE PERSONNEL ORDER IR-2

Re: Up-to-Date list of Declared SPs [7 July 1997]
The beginning of an up-to-date list of Declared SPs.

The End of Endless Denials of Scientology Brainwashing [8 July 1997]
Hubbard claimed that Scientology could brainwash in 20 seconds.

Re: Scientology myths [10 July 1997]
Do your part to end the madness.

Cult's Scarff Bag Is Empty [12 July 1997]
The cult intelligence whizzes - DM, Gene Ingram, a few lawyers, etc - have for
years considered that one of their great successes was in engineering betrayals.

Re: Gerry Armstrong [23 July 1997]
Perhaps, however, this may answer your question concerning the
unfairness and unjustness of Scientology's treatment of me.

Re: CofS worldwide income crashed in Aug 95 [24 July 1997]
Gerry responds to David Alexander and "Atarax88".

Appellant's Opening Brief [26 August 1997]
GA asks this Court to reject the Judgment in this case and
do Justice to bring Scientology to take this opportunity.

Tilman's Question Re 1982 PI Harassment of G Armstrong [1 September 1997]
Tilman asked the following question...

Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions [21 October 1997]
I recently saw an ethics order on someone kicking them out of
Scientology for remaining a member of the Methodist Church.

Letter to CSCE re Scientology's Religious Persecution [23 October 1997]
GA's letter to The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Re: Religious Intolerance in Europe: the Scientology connection

Re: Ethics [29 October 1997]
Scientology's cause is anything but just.
And Scientology's "ethics" is anything but ethical.

Re: Armstrong's collection [6 November 1997]
Well, now that I have been publicly exposed, I suppose a response is
warranted, so here goes.

Graham's Plan (Was Graham's Problem) [10 November 1997]
Here's my CV.

Naked Is As Naked Does (Was Seemingly Naked) [10 November 1997]
In its black propaganda packs on me, Scientology continually
makes the "apparently naked" charge...

Re: Graham's Plan (Was Graham's Problem) [10 November 1997]
Gerry responds to Garry Scarff's black PR

Conversing with the Dead Agents in Berlin [11 November 1997]
John Carmichael showed up at the "SP Conference" October 26 in Berlin
and handed out a Scientology black propaganda sheet in German

For Grady with Love and Squalor [13 November 1997]
Scientology has been disseminating one of my writings, which has come to be
known as the "Pig Dream," and I thought I should mitigate my damages by letting
the world know what it is, and its long and amazing history.

The Beginning of the End of Endless Black PR [25 November 1997]

Re: Elliot Abelson's past association with mobsters & pornographers [27 November 1997]
I just received an email from Warrior on this subject. He started this
wonderful thread with his discovery of the article about Abelson. I'll
answer him this way.

Re: Last Call for Alcohol [29 November 1997]
It would be very exciting for you, or any Scientologist really, to actually look at
what you're involved in and have the great courage to question your organization's
statements as to their truth and question its standards and practices.

Re: Last Call for Alcohol [29 November 1997]
The Scientological mind is capable of amazing OT feats of
justification and delusion...

Heaven, was: Natter Defined was: Re: More idle threats [29 November 1997]
I've taken the liberty of adding this pearl to Bernie's string.

Re: Amended list of ars posters having used the derogatory word "clam" in October (7-31) [29 November 1997]

Re: Free Plane Ticket to Clearwater [29 November 1997]
I'll go.

Re: Last Call for Alcohol [29 November 1997]
One of the main purposes for all those attacks and all that litigation to keep
the secrets secret is to divert attention from what the cult leaders are really up to.

Re: Sophie's choice [29 November 1997]
Well actually Sophie, although the Scientology leaders will tell you
you can't get your soul back they are only lying.

Vancouver, BC, Canada Report [6 December 1997]
Made my way by car and train to the US Consulate at 1095 Pender in Vancouver...

Re: cult tries to steamroller Ward in bankruptcy court [8 December 1997]
Grady: No need to tell you, but it is standard cult litigation practice
to use ex parte contact with any judge whenever possible.

Ward Bankruptcy [8 December 1997]
Some thoughts I've had:

Cleveland Amory [8 December 1997]
I just picked up this book The Cat Who Came for Christmas
by Cleveland Amory.

Re: Gerry, what does Lyman think? [22 December 1997]
GA answers several questions posed by an anonymous person.

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