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$cieno spies and their masters (was CAN Laura used a false identity, she says.) [22 February 1999]
She assumed the identity (which is $tandard $cientology intel tech)
for the very purpose of deceiving

Slammer rules (was Querty08 - more "ev purps" showing) [22 February 1999]
Next stop, the RPF.

Re: Attn: Charlotte [24 February 1999]
Gerry's reply to an anonymous poster named "Erin"

Re: Karin Spaink, (In NY Times) "a left-wing, atheist, cursing, slightly perverted, sex-loving, smoking, drugs-promoting, pro-abortion, bisexual, free speech advocate." [24 February 1999]
How about the chain smoking L. Ron Hubbard?

MEA & TRC (Question from Warrior) - Retry Repost [24 February 1999]
Gerry answers Warrior's question regarding the Tangier Reception
Center (TRC) and the Mission European Agency (MEA).

$MI ($cientology Mission International) [24 February 1999]
Gerry tells about Hubbard's orders which laid out his plan
(called a "billion dollar caper") for $elling $cientology franchises

Re: COPYRIGHTS: ASI->CSTLA-ALL [25 February 1999]
Hubbard wrote a short story entitled "The Dive Bomber," which was
unrelated to the Warner Bros. film "Dive Bomber," for which Hubbard
took wrongful credit.

Re: Lurkmonster - OTs can kill with a thought [25 February 1999]
You are right that it is weird, but not because it is untrue in any
detail; because $cientology in all its details is weird.

L. Ron Goodbugger About Homosexuals in $cientology [25 February 1999]
We've read what John Carmichael had to say on the subject.
How about a little from $ource him$elf.

Hubbard gets religion from Carto (was a fable about Arnaldo) [25 February 1999]
Speaking of Ron [Hubbard], Arnie, you might take a gander at my post:
$MI ($cientology Mission International)

Re: Hubbard gets religion from Carto (was a fable about Arnaldo) [25 February 1999]
I think we have been missing the cult's tax exemption withholds big
time every time they shriek about Carto and the IHR and label the
credible critics Nazis.

Re: STACY YOUNG [3 March 1999]
If ever Vaughn and Stacy need a good defamation case to get
Miscavige's butt at the defendant's table, this is it.

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