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Re: Did Christ audit a cluster? [30 January 2001]
I think this is the only time I've observed you not ask a black $cientology question.

Re: Failure is a given -- no matter who pays [30 January 2001]
$cientology is in opposition to God.

Re: Scientology doesn't have enough money [30 January 2001]
GA answers the question, "What are Scientology's backers going to do >when Scientology fails to deliver?"

Re: Scientology brainwashing, and the criminal L Ron Hubbard. [30 January 2001]
The crime cult even hires, using money extracted from people by brainwashing,
wog (R) traitors to spread the criminal lie that brainwashing doesn't exist.

Re: "One Stoppe Shoppe" owner's Scieno spam page [30 January 2001]
Hasn't had a lot of attention since it came out of the crime cult cookie cutter.

Re: Scientology's Financial Stake in their Brainwashing [30 January 2001]
Hang in there, $cientologists. Help is on the way. But do your part too. Fight back.
Tell your brainwashers you're fed up and ain't gonna take it any more.

Re: Scientology's for hire losers [30 January 2001]
Being a $cientologist is committing a continuous present time overt.

Re: New from LMT Media: Scientology's Sleeping P.I. [30 January 2001]
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You snooze you looze. This PI has mu's and high crimes.

Re: Time is not on your side [30 January 2001]
After $cientology's recent drubbing in the 2nd Circuit Time has no
incentive whatsoever to be on the Cult of Greed and Power's side.

Re: Are there any here that can seriously address this question?
Where are your true spokesmen? [30 January 2001]

Yes, I think that the building of a machine to commune with God requires...

Re: America [30 January 2001]
The ARSCC is here to rescue you.

Re: Scientology criminals at work (REPOST) [2 February 2001]
But Hubbard had a sense of what was going to happen to his crime cult...

Re: World Bankers (Shameless CoS Spam Attack) [2 February 2001]
If they did something different it wouldn't be $cientology.

Re: L.A.Times-02-01: Co$ event in Montrose/CA [2 February 2001]
Well perhaps the ARSCC (wdne, hee, hee)...

Re: Handling OSA [2 February 2001]
O$A is an intelligence network, which uses all the tricks of the intelligence trade.

Re: Victory for Mo & ARS [2 February 2001]
And also grasp that it is out tech to use a "dinky dictionary."

Ownership of Incident Two [2 February 2001]
I was wondering if Travolta would want to play Xenu in Revolt in the
$tars, and then I thought, why not wogs (R) produce RT$.

Re: World Bankers [2 February 2001]
What is the basis of your claim that Kattar was "a top LaRouche aid?"

Re: $cientology extortion [3 March 2001]
I think it is really exciting that this issue might be litigated in Clearwater.

Re: 2001 Award, a) To Bluem ... [3 March 2001]
Well, see you in Leipzig.

Re: Other Italians ripped off at Flag [3 March 2001]
$cientology under Hubbard and $cientology under DM has been a steady, rentless
march, driven by greed and the evil necessary to dominate and abuse people...

Re: National Survey of Religious Identification [3 March 2001]
$cientology numbers are kinda weird, aren't they?

Re: Would you, Mr or Miss Scientologist please [3 March 2001]
$cientology so dominates a $cientologist's life...

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